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Night Hunting for Rare Yooper Stones
Search the Beaches at Night For Sodalite Stones that glow in the dark. Also know as Emberlites, Yooperstones or Yooperlight. Stone Hunting takes place after the sun sets. We use Ultraviolet Flash Lights to find these precious Hidden Minerals. Fluorescent Sodalite is formed deep beneath the Earths Crust. Brought to the surface by Volcanic activity and than distributed across the Superior Coastlines by Glaciers.
Polish Culture Workshop with Pierogi Dinner
If you dont see a time frame that works for you please contact me to arrange that. This workshop is addressed to adults to learn and expend their knowledge of Polish history and culture. The course is also a perfect opportunity to gain more understanding of your Polish heritage or prepare you for a visit in Poland. As a Poland native born, I will take you on a tour what my country looks like today and share many stories about its history, events and people that shaped it in the past 100 years. Starting with a short language lesson, I will teach you few Polish greetings and how to introduce yourself in my native tongue. I will then cover Polish geography, climate and interesting facts. I will spend some time talking about Polish history, World War II, Solidarity movement and changes that took place in Poland in 1989 and helped the country flourish and transition to democracy. Moving on, we will learn about Polish traditions and I will show you a video of my brother’s wedding from Kielce, Poland. There are 16 National Holidays in Poland, and I will talk about my favorite, the All Saints Day. At the end, I will invite you to try my mom’s famous pierogi and share the recipe how to make them. Come join me to discover your roots, learn about Poland, and gain an appreciation for the rich tradition and culture of the Polish people!
The Spirits of the Lake
Connect with the Clairs, Oracle, Tarot, & Akashic Using a unique hybrid of spiritual and traditional life and relationship coaching tools, participants everyday life chaos will transform into purpose and murky turbulent minds will settle into clear peaceful ones. Each participant will receive a 30 minute individual spiritual guided session concluding with suggested “next steps” and follow-up. Topics range from increased spiritual connection, enhanced intuition, creativity, intimacy, general guidance, relationship, life path, career, finance, family, ancestors, and community. Process: We will do a meditation to center, discuss your needs, and then do each session. Cost: $37 pp plus Airbnb fees Maximum Group Size: 7 Delivery: In-Person or Zoom Review of participant:Susan instantly tapped into a meaningful connection. Steele eased my first-time jitters with her kindness, taking her time, finding deeper guidance than I ever expected from a single reading. I found her reading possessed spot-on relevance and I felt her presence was warm, inviting, full of light and encouragement. I highly recommend her experience to anyone seeking higher guidance in any aspect of life, whether you've had prior readings with other mediums or if this is your first experience. I will definitely continue working with Susan because she exudes generosity of spirit and compassion.
An authentic Indian culinary experience
Experience the joy of making authentic Indian food with us, knowing the secrets behind how simple it is to make Indian food. We will help you understand the basics of Indian cuisine, right from knowing the key ingredients to cooking a few mouth watering dishes from the heart of India. Me and my wife, both come from Rajasthan, the state known for its rich variety of culinary experiences, we try to bring a glimpse of that to this experience. About the Experience- We have a menu to select the dishes you would like to experience cooking. We will help you choose from the menu, based on your taste and dietary preferences. (If you have allergies, please let us know, Indian cooking is so versatile that it will be super easy to incorporate those) You join us at the scheduled time, we present you with a welcome drink. We go over the ingredients, and a few basics about Indian cooking. We spend the next hour or so cooking, understanding each step, with actual hands-on experience. Followed by enjoying a meal together, family style. We will also cook a few suggested accompaniments (rice or breads) to compliment the dishes we choose. You are free to take notes, pictures all through the experience to make it an everlasting memory!! If the date you are looking for is not available, please contact me, I'll try my best to accommodate your requested schedule.
Madison Photo Tour
Visitors and Madison dwellers let’s capture your bachelor/bachelorette party, anniversary, engagement, solo, couples/group activity, professional photos for models, actors, musicians, and your holiday card. We will walk downtown Madison, from the Memorial terrace up State St. to the Capitol building. I’ll capture in fun photos around state street and the lake by the union. We will walk from the capitol this is where we will meet for the tour. We will end at the Union grabbing a drink by the lake if you would like or ice cream. Trying some of Madisons favorite flavors of beer or ice cream. Have you ever heard of spotted cow or blue moon Ice cream?? Enjoying fun spots around downtown Madison. Enjoy laughing and site seeing while stopping at iconic locations of downtown. Kiddos are welcome. Children under 2 are free. Please bring pets as all areas are pet friendly. Check out #madisonphototours and @denverphototours for more pictures of the experience! Other things to note: a drink or ice cream is included to make the photos more fun!
Milwaukee Secret Food Tour
Our tour starts in front of Usinger's Famous Sausage, where you will have an opportunity to explore over 40 different varieties of gift boxes containing gourmet sausage, Wisconsin-made cheese, and delicious extras! A perfect purchase to commemorate your time in the city. Our first taste is at a Milwaukee staple, where you will discover how a humble shop now provides some of the best gourmet cheese in the city. It also features our delicious Secret Taste of the tour! Next, you'll visit Milwaukee's original German beer hall, which features beer imported from the Munich Hofbräuhaus. Here you will become an expert on "wursts." As you continue the tour, you'll discover the secret spot where all guests are referred to by their "Agent" name and where we'll enjoy delicious fried cheese curds. Last but certainly not least, you will end the tour with a sweet treat synonymous with Wisconsin, the flavor of the day custard!
Learn humane chicken harvest on a delightful organic farm
Join Farmer Travis for a four-hour workshop on chicken slaughter, evisceration, and processing. I’ll demonstrate our humane method for slaughtering and processing our pastured organic chickens, and you will then perform each step through multiple reps with Travis’s instruction. This will include: Humane Slaughter Scalding & Plucking Evisceration Packaging Students will take home 2 packaged and processed birds that you process yourself, with Travis’s instruction.
Wild Mushroom Foraging
Interested in learning about and foraging for wild mushrooms? As a certified Wild Mushroom Expert, I will lead you on a two hour mushroom foraging adventure on our 14 acre off-grid, small-scale farm. We will enjoy a nice walk in the woods (with 100-year old trees!) to check out known growing sites for both medicinal and edible species. During this experience you will learn basic mushroom identification characteristics, typical habitat features, and when to expect certain mushrooms to be growing. We will also discuss ways to prepare, preserve, and use the wild mushrooms.
Wilderness hike to Hungarian waterfalls
Winter is a beautiful time to get back in the woods!! Come check out the Hungarian Falls with me! No need to worry about directions! I will be taking you on a hike into the woods, to see some beautiful waterfalls! (note: at the end of summer and fall, the waterfalls slow down, but still amazing to see!) We will hike together uphill to the waterfalls, stopping along the way for pictures and breaks if needed. I can’t wait to share my passion for hiking in the Keweenaw with you! I also enjoy sharing facts about our local mining history along the way! I have been hiking these trails since I was a young boy and I am looking forward to getting to know you, while showing you one of my favorite local spots!! This hike is available year round!! You just need to have boots and snowshoes for the snowy months. (NOTE: The address on this experience is NOT my house and the place to meet at is the Tamarack Park on Highway M26 near Hubbell, MI)
Goat Yoga on the North Shore
Goats+ Yoga+ Nature We are one of the top fun and unique things to do in Duluth and the North Shore! Join us in the beautiful Northwoods making memories with our adorable mini goats. You will be surrounded by fresh air in a grove of cedars while our yoga teacher guides the class through a one hour gentle yoga flow while the goats prance around and hop on you during poses. Feel free to just sit and take photos and cuddle the goats during class. There is half an hour allotted after class for additional play and photos. The number one question people ask is if the goats pee and poop during class. Yes they do! However, they poop little pellets like rabbits and are easily swept up quickly by our many goat wranglers we have on hand. We have sanitizing wipes and a hand washing station to clean up afterwards. Please bring your own yoga mat or towel.
Pathway to the Hidden Legends of Dubuque
An individualized guided tour great for leisure guests and corporate clientele the “Pathway to the Hidden Legends of Dubuque” being Dubuque’s original walking tour and with the mighty Mississippi river by our side we will take an in-depth look at the birthplace of Iowa with guided interpretation and images of our historic nineteenth century sites. Starting at the Mississippi’s edge tour highlights will include learning of the river’s importance with the arrival of our city’s founder French-Canadian explorer Julien Dubuque, seeing one of the few remaining civil war era shot towers left in the United States, learn of ships being built for both world wars by the largest inland boat works in the nation and hear about early national industrialists such as A.A. Cooper and his “Old Reliable” wagons. Heading to the historic Hotel Julien Dubuque we’ll hear about an important Abe Lincoln visit and Al Capone’s Dubuque hideaway, see the English inspired St. Raphael’s Cathedral and take a ride up the Fenlon Street Elevator (Railway) for a spectacular view of our river valley. Moving on we’ll learn about the early twentieth century Roshek department store with white gloved doorman, a rooftop tea room and eight floors of merchandise and then onto our two iconic gilded 1850 era theaters. Come join us for a leisurely walk though Dubuque’s colorful historical past and its flourishment today.
Winter Walking with Goats
Looking for a unique winter experience to do outdoors with family and friends...try Winter Walking with Goats! Come with us and six adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats who are unharnessed and unleashed as we hike together on snowy trails. The goats will joyfully walk with us for a 1+ mile hike, all while we enjoy the beautiful outdoors, fresh crisp air, and learning some goat fun facts. At the end of the walk, there will be time to meet the other farm animals (chickens, ducks, and Kunekune pigs), enjoy a cup of homemade hot cocoa and roast some marshmallows by the warm fire table. Please note: **The cost starts at $85 for up to four (4) people then $21 each additional guest.** If you are celebrating something special, feel free to bring your own additional beverages, food, sleds, or snowshoes all while enjoying the ample space on this 14-acre farm. Also please note: **if the temperature is going to be frigid on the afternoon of your booking (meaning 10 degrees or below) the walk will be cancelled.** Contact us if your group needs an earlier or later time frame, we can work with you on that :-)
Full Moon Beach Yoga & Walking meditation
Meet at the Far North end of Bradford Beach on the sand. Roughly between 2450 - 2470 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr. Wednesday 8/10 8pm (Beach Yoga) Thursday 8/11 8pm Friday 8/12 8pm Saturday 8/13 8:30pm Beach labyrinth making & full moon rising Yoga Created by Cathy Stadler Outdoor Yoga-MKE Like - Follow on all social media to catch future events and details. Sturgeon Moon a time to appreciate all that we have in full gratitude. A time to reflect how far we've come and appreciate nature that surrounds us. August is a time to take a step back and appreciate everything! "You should expect calmness over your mind, body and spirit. An emotional balance is gifted to us during the full moon of August." SWIM at your own risk! Moon Bathers Welcome after the walking meditation! Pure nature sound healing meditation - Pure moving meditative yoga flow. Allow the moon energy to surround your body by being present. The illuminating full moon energizes the waves, water and relaxes good energy vibes to your mind body and soul along with the people around you which intensifies the energy. The Full Moon intensifies everything as well! Beware of what you think about while present. Think and feel it. What will you want to experience for your life? We can create a beautiful life here on out. Free street parking - Please read the signs. Do not park in any Parking Lots! They are too far.
Arts, Etc's Great Create/Pour Painting
Art comes in many different forms, techniques, process. All you need to know is that YOU CAN Create a beautiful piece of art in our fun workshop here at Arts, Etc. "The Great Create" Pour Painting workshop is a experiential workshop that will allow you to create a unique piece of art with a one of kind design. You will have a choice of painting on 2 16x20, 3 12x18, or 5 8x10 canvas, or a set of 4 coaster's and 2 trivets. Your artwork will be left with me in the studio to dry. I will apply a finishing on it let to cure and with be shipped to you. (Usually 3 to 4 weeks). Your masterpieces will be shipped to you at no added cost to you. workshops are easy to do. No artistic ability needed to participate. Everyone can create and have fun!
Winter Tree Identification Walk
We will meet at a coffee shop and then caravan to a local trail to go for a hike! While on the hike, we will talk about different features to look for when identifying trees in the winter, including needled trees and deciduous trees. We will get up close to different trees to see their bark and branching patterns. Different techniques will be used to help you remember which tree is which when you are done!