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Be an organic farmer for a day
You will work or go around with one of the caretakers of the farm: Mostly our Mr.Marudhachalam (Anna) will be there with you and you/your group showing the farm and do's and don'ts. The farm is a classic example of how dryland can be converted into a fertile one using rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation. There are approximately 20 coconut trees yielding and another 100 in various stages of growth. Also yielding are around 60 Amla ( Indian Gooseberry plants) depending on the season. Moringa is another crop of around 40 trees. There are no machines and all work is done manually and with lots of enthusiasm. While you are on the farm you will be surrounded by lots of birds. You’ll be part of our farm family when you are there and join us as we wander through the farm with various daily chores like watering ( mainly drip irrigation), cleaning the weeds, harvesting coconut and preparing for the market, removing weeds, planting new sapling trimming the existing plants and many more. You don't have to work too and keenly watch or listen to our stories about how we brought this land like this from dryland in the last 10 plus years. My farm and my village are special places for us. After we work we can enjoy our lovely meal together on the farm under a tree or roof as you wish overlooking the blue mountains!
Local Pondy Heritage tour by cycle
Join with a local to know the story of Pondicherry from the prehistory to present - the session gives you a perspective of storyline and incidents and few facts from the times of many kingdoms to the French and the influence of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. We shall be covering the quaint charming heritage quarters of the Ashram with its departments, French history and colonial buildings, monuments, institutions with its cultural and architectural significances and the Tamil with the amalgamation of Franco-Tamilian through people and expression of unique architecture plus all what is local. The experience through the eyes of a local makes its compelling and special. We will be providing normal Indian cycles. The seats, adjustments are fixed cannot be changed. For the tour it will be just fine. One can bring one's personal cycles for tour as well. This tour can be done by walk as well subject to terms and conditions. The storyteller is not at disposal. Experience time is 1hr 30min to 2hr 15mins. Shopping affects tour coverage.
The story of Local Vibes- Memorable Moments in Kochi
Join us on a journey unlike any other! As a local Guide from Fort Kochi, I have been conducting this unique tour since 2006, offering an authentic local experience that goes beyond the typical tourist spots. Get ready to explore Kochi in its truest form, discovering hidden gems and untold stories that shaped this historic city. Hop aboard a Tuk Tuk and venture into the heart of Fort Kochi. Witness the enchanting Chinese fishing nets, Manja Bhagavati Temple, and delve into the fascinating history of the European settlements, such as Vasco de Gama church and the Dutch cemetery. Marvel at the beauty of the Dutch palace, an ASI museum holding ancient secrets. But that's not all! Our tour goes beyond the surface, taking you through the charming Jewish street, leading to the iconic Jewish synagogue. Along the way, you'll experience the vibrant local life, immersing yourself in the culture and traditions of the people who call this city home. Come, be a part of our exclusive Fort Kochi Local Experience Tour, where every step unfolds the rich tapestry of the past, the present, and the real essence of this remarkable city. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that will leave you with cherished memories and a deeper connection to the soul of Fort Kochi.
Kayaking in backwaters mangroves pondicherry
Please note this activity is based on tides( water level) Timing will change daily. Kindly message before booking to help you better. Get onboard kayak after general instructions of Do and donts. Wear proper life jacket provided with the help of Kayak leader. Start paddling in the backwater - visit ancient port ruins site 'Arikamedu' which dates to 1500BC - 2AD, proceed paddling near the harbour port area of Pondicherry to witness docks ships and boats and fishermen in action. Further paddle through the patches of mangroves with small creeks and inlets. A kayak leader will join you for this experience. You can opt to chose join with a co paddler or go solo.
Ayurveda abhyanga experience in fort kochi
adams wood house - ayurveda yoga homestay retreat in fort kochi for those who looks for a detoxification, rejuvenating ayurveda holiday in their budget. this 1 hr ayurveda treatment is performed by male therapist. Its very deep using hands and feet balancing his body on a rope to control the required pressure on marma points if interested u can also take our panchakarma treatments and yoga lessons
Munnar village cooking class
Cook with one of the best chefs ever: my mother and me will show you how to prepare the perfect south Indian dishes – no machines, just your hands, the freshest local ingredients, and love. You’ll be part of our family for a day and join we walk around munnar market then we can go munnar village cooking class located in the small village It's a special place for my family and the entire village.
Organic spice farm tour and cooking
We will start by walking you through our organic farm to discover the different plants and trees of the various spices and fruits that we have. If in harvest season, we can show you how we pick spices like pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric and other things like coffee, coconut, papaya among others. We will also feed our animals such as cows and goats, always with the organic waste from the plants. Then we will move to the house where together with my wife and our little helpers (our daughters), we will show you how to prepare delicious family recipes. We will finish with a feast of our food. You are more than welcome to be part of the food preparation!
Bestt kept secret of Bangalore with Dinesh
Join me as I take you on a journey of lifetime; filled with life, laughter, WoWs and more. From Exploring- The best food around hidden delicacies of Malleshwaram, Places around Bangalore that are not much known to travellers and witness Bangalore in no better way than this tailor made curation. So why wait? Take a backseat and witness Bangalore's serene Beauty, we've covered it all. We have well-tried and tested plans that is as smooth as our masala dosa. 5% off for couples. 15% off for defence personnels. 25% off for people with disability.
Sunset Canoe Cruise with Dinner
A canoe ride is one of the best ways to explore the scenic backwaters of Kerala. During the sunset cruise, you will get an opportunity to experience local life and culture. An authentic local tea and Kerala special evening snacks will also be served to you from a local restaurant. Since the cruise takes place in the evening session, it will be a great time for photographic enthusiasts to capture the sunset!
Hike, Swim & Experience Village life
Join us on one of the most beautiful trails located on the way from Alappey to Thekkady in a beautiful village at Mundakayam. We will meet at our home and start walking to reach the banks of Manimala river. Guests who know swimming will be able to swim in the river and others can have fun at the tiny waterfalls near the river. Fishing enthusiasts can catch fish from the river. After swimming, we will provide traditional Kerala style picnic known as Pothichor and drinking water. Guests have the freedom to bring their own food and have lunch. Then we provide a short tour of our farm, hike through our private property and reach a beautiful viewpoint on top of a hill which is not accessible to the public. The hike is through our plantation with several spices, coffee and tropical fruit trees. Guests can enjoy fresh seasonal fruits (rambuttan, mangosteen, scramberry, water apples, custard apple, java plum, cashew, jackfruit, mango, lemon, mulberry etc.) plucked during the hike. Guests will experience the beautiful village lifestyle in Kerala. The magnificent view of Idukki hills at the top is breathtaking. We can end the program by watching the sunset and reaching back in town between 6pm - 7pm. As I love photography, I create memories with guests and can also share High Quality photos of this amazing experience shot on Sony A7iii.
Street Food Tour and Visit to the local Market in Bangalore
1. Pick up at Vijayanagar Metro station. 2. Exploring the food streets of Vijayanagar for pure vegetarian chats, main course and local desserts along with exotic beverages. This takes a lot of time and i bet 200 bucks you would love this!!! 3. Intensive Shopping at local street market. Make sure you have space in your bags for goods. Exotic fruits, sweets, confectionery, chocolate, spices, talismans and souvenirs. 4. Coffee at Indraprastha restaurant. 5. Dropping back to Vijayanagar Metro station. Other things to note Don't bring too much luggage be free to move and have space for shopping in your bags. (Royal treatment if you bring me Duty free Liquor from the airport, for which i am going to pay of course
Understanding trees of Bangalore
*If you wish to experience a walk for a time/date on weekdays or weekends that is not on the schedule, feel free to message me* I invite you to a soulful early morning experience at Lal Bagh where we will try to connect with one of the slowest and most resilient beings on the planet, trees. The 2 hour long walk is a medium to help people understand how trees communicate, feel, think and grow. Hopefully, by the end of the experience people will go back with a different perspective on the natural ecosystem. Hi, I’m Saksham, I work as a Designer during the weekdays and spend my evenings/weekends trying to understand our roots in the natural world and the urban boundaries we have drawn. The walk will start from the West Gate at Lal Bagh, and cover the giant buttressed silk cotton trees, the sacred figs of the subcontinent, the ever thirsty Gum trees, the ornamental Latin American avenue trees of Bangalore and how, at large, the ecosystem moves. We will attempt to understand the form, color and structure of trees as we walk along and breathe some silence here and there. I look forward to a refreshing morning with you and hopefully we will learn something from each other.
Abhyanga Ayurvedic Bodywork Therapy in Pondicherry
This is interactive ayurvedic abhyanga massage therapy workshop. Both guest and host are interactive and collaborative to enhance the experience. You'll enjoy a divine protocol that includes a silence, sound bath, aromatherapy, foot reflexology and active isolated stretching. This bodywork workshop involves more interactive physical movements and body balance conducted by male therapist. Pouring warm medicated herbal oil in a systematic way to relax your body, mind and nervous system which helps you to improve blood circulation, flexibility, concentration and assure sound sleep. My Other Experience - Rejuvenate yourself with Cupping Therapy : https://www.airbnb.co.in/experiences/4742971 Message to customize the timing, location (chennai, mahabalipuram, auroville & pondicherry) etc. for any of my experiences. DM to check few more massage experiences which is not listed here.
Auroville forests cycling
Cycle in branded MTB Raleigh or Toronto cycles. We will leisurely cycle through 3 forests of auroville. Auroville is about regeneration of barren landscapes. Over the years auroville has created man made forests. Cycling in the forests will help to know about tropical dry evergreen forest & shrub jungle. The area has special pebble sand with many medicinal plants, indigenous trees. Good scope for Bird watching. I have different cycle sizes with seat adjustment. Minimum age 6-7 & 4.5 feet
Munroe Island Canal Cruise & Village Visit
Join me on an exciting journey to Munroe Island, the 'Hidden Venice of India'. Munroe Island is a hidden pearl in the backwaters formed by a cluster of eight tiny islands. This scenic island is surrounded by the Kallada River and Ashtamudi Lake and offers stunning views of the lush green coconut plantation, fewer crowds, and most importantly, peacefulness. The journey begins with a canal cruise through Munroe Island, a unique experience. The canal cruise is one of the most popular things to do on Munroe Island. The canal cruise is a 2.5-hour ride on a canoe (a local country boat) with the boatsman who guides the canoe with his stick. You’ll be sailing through narrow canals that surround themselves with palm and coconut trees. Due to the calm water, you'll be able to see many reflections of nature surrounding you like birds growing around the region, fish and prawn farms, and locals roping coconut coir. Along the way, you'll also see people on Munroe Island going about their daily lives. As you pass through several canals, you'll enter Ashtamudi lake, which opens up a different landscape. The lake is vast and you’ll occasionally encounter other boats. The highlight of the canoe ride is the mangrove plantation you pass through on this lake. While enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, sit back and let the time pass by slowly on this 2.5 hours canoe ride.