Shubi’s guidebook

It's the history of the island and slavery and how it took place.
Stone Town
It's the history of the island and slavery and how it took place.



dress code

Due to the influence of islam on the island, guest are advised to dress up a but more covering while walking the streets of Zanzibar

Hot in December

This is the summer of Tanzania and so it's hotter than usual. while packing your traveling suitcase put this in mind.

the zanzibari

Zanzibaris are kind people but often come across as a bother sometimes because they tend to insist to lend their services and there is a lot of them offering service/business. Just be polite and decline by shaking your head or simply saying no/thank you.


There is quite a few things to do/see in stone town, so don't miss on the experiences like visiting the prison island, snorkeling or a night at Forodhani food market. I double in tourism myself and so I would be happy to assist in that area if needed.


the language used in Zanzibar/Tanzania is called kiswahili/Swahili. Phrases that you should probably learn to get by are; Habari - hi/hello/good morning/afternoon/evening Poa/nzuri - fine/good/well Asante - thank you Tafadhali - please Pole - sorry The one international phrase is JAMBO - how are you and the reply is also Jambo. But not to worry so much since the people in Tanzania always go an extra mile to accommodate our guests and most of us speak good enough English to help the tourist.

House rules!

No pets allowed in the house. No smoking allowed in the house, you can smoke on the patio or rooftop. If you have any guests and you want them to spend the night an additional charge will be required.