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ค้นพบสิ่งที่ทำให้เมืองนี้มีเอกลักษณ์โดดเด่นไปกับคนท้องถิ่นที่รู้ลึกรู้จริง ไม่ว่าจะเป็นการเที่ยวชมสถานที่ต่างๆ หรือค้นพบของดีของเมืองที่น้อยคนจะได้สัมผัส

“Garvin Woodland Gardens is a must. We’ve been many times and will go many times again. It is a 210-acre botanical garden owned by the University of Arkansas. There is an admission fee but well worth it. The holiday light display is astonishing. If you think this is all for adults, think again ~ they have a new Children’s Adventure Garden. It is made for exploration. We have been to Garvin Woodland Gardens in all seasons and see something different every time. ”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 44 คนแนะนำ
Theme Park
“A fun time for kids and adults. Even Friday night concerts. Pretty impressive for a small town!”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 31 คนแนะนำ
“Oaklawn is Arkansas’s only thoroughbred horse racing venue and the lone remaining gambling center in a city once known for its casinos as for its famous thermal baths. The caliber of horse racing in our small town is a privilege. All betting aside, to watch those beautiful horses run is exhilarating. The season runs from January through beginning of May.”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 34 คนแนะนำ
“The oldest bar in Arkansas is worth a visit just to look at the interior and have a visit with Al Capone on the sidewalk - a great picture spot. People argue that they have the best burger in town! They do not allow anyone under 21. Good music on various nights.”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 47 คนแนะนำ
“Has a beautiful view of the mountains from the observatory on top. Great place to see fall color!”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 22 คนแนะนำ
“The first brewery in a US National Park that uses the thermal spring water as the main ingredient. Housed in the famous Superior Bathhouse (that had been closed for 30 years) it is now a full service restaurant and brewery. It is also family friendly.”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 33 คนแนะนำ
Science Museum
“Great place to take kids. Exhibits are “hands on” and cover a vast number of different areas of science. ”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 28 คนแนะนำ
“Specializing in Ecuadorean and Latin American food. Wonderful patio in the back.”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 32 คนแนะนำ
Bath House
“My personal favorite bath house. Historic building, thermal water public pools as well as private baths and all spa services available. Great way to relax in the "Spa City" after a busy day! ”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 24 คนแนะนำ
National Park
“The national park includes bathhouse row, both mountains, and some parts north of town that protect the thermal waters. It is the reason for our being.”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 16 คนแนะนำ
“One of the oldest and most famous restuarants in Hot Springs! Everything is good! The tamale spread is AMAZING!”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 23 คนแนะนำ
Grocery or Supermarket
  • คนท้องถิ่น 8 คนแนะนำ
“New place on the lake and it is impressive. Even a floor for families and pets! Sunday brunch with live music. ”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 15 คนแนะนำ
“quirky historical landmark. puzzles and games. garage bands. burlesque show. best Sunday brunch.”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 18 คนแนะนำ
“Another amazing pizzeria and they brew their own beer too! Try the vegan pizza!”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 20 คนแนะนำ
History Museum
“Learn a little about Hot Springs history & why it was a favorite place to many gangsters... including Al Capone.”
  • คนท้องถิ่น 18 คนแนะนำ