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Celebrate your anniversary or have your honeymoon here. Chocolates, wine, fresh flowers, candles, a gift bag for you to keep & other treats will await you in your room. You will also be served breakfast in bed, or at the dining room table.


This is a family home, named "Chick & Turk's" because those were my grandparents' (Marge & Fred) nicknames. My mom & uncle grew up in this home (hence the room named "Ric" & the one named "Janie Marie.", & my grandmother lived here over 5 decades. She was a gardener, cook & host. She even used the home as a B&B long before the internet! I'm walking in her footsteps, & I'm carrying on the tradition of Southern Hospitality taught to me my whole life. The house was built in the 40s & the additions, "Fred's" room & "Bear's" room were added, by my grandfather who was an engineer, in the 50s. The house is old, & carries all the charm & kinks associated with old homes. I love the character; however, if "brand new" is your preference a different location might better suit you. For those of you who appreciate unique architecture & the quirks of an old home, you will adore Chick & Turk's!


Guests can sit on the screened in front porch; relax in the living room; eat in the dining room; use the kitchen; enjoy the triple-lot backyard where there is a patio, summer house (sometimes rented out), grill, fire pit, outdoor furniture & an herb garden. The only off limits space is occupied guest rooms & behind the red curtain in the dining room.


I love meeting new people! I was inspired to open this B&B after managing another one several times. Some guests enjoyed talking for hours - I was even invited to a party one group had! However; I respect anyone's desire to be left alone, but I've often accepted guests' invitations to socialize. Stay to yourself or let's enjoy each other's company, it's up to you! Do remember; however, sometimes I need alone space too. So, don't be alarmed or offended if I retreat to my room or leave the property. The best way to reach me is via Airbnb msg or text, & ur welcome to msg/text me at anytime!


Everyone's welcome at Chick & Turk's B&B - I embrace diversity. I always have ice-cold sweet tea in the fridge, as I say "It's what we drink, y'all should too!" I've got romantic get-away specials, nonprofit discounts, semester rates & I'm open to bartering price in exchange for work done around the home. I welcome interns. My space is great for special events. Ask about using the B&B as a venue/event space! Everyone loves the firepit!


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ค่าทำความสะอาด $10
ส่วนลดรายสัปดาห์: 21%
ราคาช่วงวันหยุดสุดสัปดาห์: $150 / คืน
สื่อสารผ่าน Airbnb เท่านั้น
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-EVERYONE is welcome at Chick & Turk's. We embrace diversity & build community. Be nice or stay somewhere else :-). Don't enjoy being in a house with a lot of people? You probably won't like it here. We do!
-I take Southern Hospitality very seriously; & my goal is to exceed your expectations. Review your stay as you see fit; however, please consider 3 things when reviewing:
1) Airbnb penalizes hosts for any rating that is below "5 stars." In recent conversations with guests, they told me that often they have given "4 star" reviews to some of their favorite Airbnbs & were shocked to learn the negative impact this has for the host’s business.
2) In NO WAY am I asking you to rate me better than you feel I deserve; however, knowing this information might better inform your choice.
3) I attempt to accommodate all possible needs; however, if you’re in need of anything to make your stay better please share with me while you’re here as I can most likely meet your needs. However, sharing what you didn't like in a review post your departure doesn’t allow me to meet your needs.

Booking a Room:
-Please read the description of home, neighborhood & other useful info on Airbnb website as then you’ll know if you will enjoy your experience.
-I’ve included a lot of information on the Airbnb site; therefore, please review before asking questions. If your question isn’t covered, I’m happy to answer any questions you have.
-If you send an inquiry & I pre-approve you, answer questions etc.; but you decide not to make a reservation, please let me know.
-Upon making your reservation please provide an approximate arrival time.
-Check-in is 3pm or after & check-out is 11am or before. If you desire an early check-in or a late check-out, please ask. I’m as flexible as possible when I can be.

-Update me whenever you have more information about arrival time.
-One day before trip provide me with an hour window of when you will arrive.
-The day of your trip please narrow that to a 30-minute window.
-Please consider how often you will want to stop on your road trip, any sightseeing you might do, time changes & other activities that affect your arrival time before telling me your ETA (estimated time of arrival.) Please don’t randomly decide to stop & do some activity that will cause you to miss your 30-minute arrival time window. I prefer to welcome guests in person; however, I’m not at home 24/7.

Checking-In & Checking Out:
-Immediately text or message me as soon as you’re aware of any delays.
-Text or message me through Airbnb upon arrival.
-Upon your arrival, I’ll give you a tour of Chick & Turk’s!
(If you will arrive at a time I won’t be here, I’ll send you instructions to lockbox.)

-Be comfortable & use/move items as needed for your convenience; however, return pillows/blankets/furniture etc. to where u found them after use. This includes pushing dining room chairs back under the table.
-Use coasters.
-Keep personal items in your room. Don't leave purses, bags, keys, glasses etc. around the house. Keep the B&B neat & orderly for everyone.
-I keep the house cool as I’m always hot. If you are cold-natured, you might not be comfortable in my home. However; I provide extra blankets, personal heaters, socks, scarves & sweaters/sweatshirts/jackets to keep you toasty while ensuring I don't pass out. Please do not adjust the thermostat. Additionally, I provide fans for people like me! The coldest rooms in the home are Bear's & Fred's. The warmest are Janice Marie's, the living room & Ric's.

Coming & Going:
-If you plan on leaving town during your stay, please notify me of the days you’ll be gone.
-There are no curfews or designated quiet times. However; utilize common courtesy regarding noise & lights etc.
-You may come & go as you please; however, I do enjoy having a basic idea of your schedule. This isn't a rule, more of a request. It helps me to plan big cleaning days etc., notice if you’re “missing” & something might be wrong etc. I don’t want you to feel monitored, I just really care about my guests!

-ALWAYS lock black iron security door. (You may leave it unlocked while sitting on front porch.)
-Never lock white wooden door - or close it for that matter.
-Use kitchen door to access backyard (unless you’re staying in "Fred's Room" & then you have direct access to backyard).
-Leave the kitchen door unlocked while in yard; however, the last person to go inside should ensure all 3 locks on kitchen door are locked.
-I provide pepper spray &/or a whistle if requested.
-The house is equipped with 4 security cameras
-Clean up messes you make in kitchen. Wipe up crumbs after making toast, clean up your spills, wipe down stove after cooking, pick up food you drop. I don’t expect you to clean my kitchen: I just expect you to clean up after yourself.
-Don't leave items on counter or dining table etc., put things back where u found them.
-Don't leave dirty dishes on kitchen counter, in your room, outside or anywhere in the B&B except for in the dishwasher or in the right sink.
-The magnet on dishwasher indicates whether dishes are clean or dirty. If clean; & you need a dish/pot etc., please take from machine before getting more out of cabinets.
-If you have dirty dishes & the magnet indicates clean; rinse dishes in right sink (where the strainer is as I have no disposal), empty contents of strainer in trash bin & put all dishes in right sink. Please leave left sink available for people to wash their hands or fill a pot with water etc.
-Don't hand wash dishes with the sponge. Sponges harbor bacteria, & even though there's soap in the handle, it's not sanitary. The sponge is intended to scrub dishes with stuck-on food before placing in dishwasher. (And, please do scrub dishes/pots you use that have food stuck on them before placing in dishwasher.) If you prefer to hand wash your dishes, I'm always surprised how many people have this preference, use a clean dish cloth. Also, don't leave them on the counter to dry. Use a clean dish towel (not the one hanging that people have been drying their hands with) to dry dishes & then put them up.
-Coffee, tea & breakfast foods are complimentary & kept in the "coffee & tea station," in popcorn bucket to left of microwave & in the door of fridge. Don't eat food not in door as it belongs to someone else. Use fridge & freezer to store food if you wish; however, please transfer items to smallest possible containers & store wisely so everyone's food fits & people can easily navigate to find their items. Throw out your old food.

My Cats:
-Don't let cats outside or leave doors open enabling them to escape.
-Don't feed them.
-Please don't call them fat. They're healthy according to my vet, & it would be like me coming to your house & calling your kids ugly. I realize people mean no harm; however, I find it offensive.
-My cats are scaredy cats; therefore, if you’re not enjoying their attention, simply make noise, quick movements, rustle a plastic bag, spray some air freshener (not at them just in the room), clap…pretty much anything…& they will skeedattle.

-DON'T leave wet/dirty towels, wash cloths etc. in bathroom.
-Hang towels in your room to dry if you reuse, or put in brown wooden laundry hamper in dining room. Don’t be concerned with how wet towels are as I wash clothes several times a day; therefore, they don’t sit in basket long enough to mildew.
-There are designated places to hang towels in every room, as well as spaces for guests staying in living room & tent campers. If you’re unsure where to hang your towel, just ask.
-Don't stockpile dirty towels & wash cloths in your room. Put in hamper to be washed so we always have enough clean.
-First Aid: there is an entire shelf of basic 1st Aid items in bathroom closet.
-Lower toilet seat after use.
-Leave bathroom door open when not in use, b/c when shut it seems as if someone is in there.
-Rinse sink & tub after using - nobody wants to shower with your stray hairs or use a sink w/toothpaste or makeup residue.
-Don't leave your personal items out, including tooth brushes etc., keep in your room or bathroom closet. I will provide a caddy to keep your toiletries in that you can carry from your room to bathroom & back if you desire, or you can place in bathroom closet on designated shelves.
-Don’t leave the lights above sink on after using bathroom; however, please keep the lamp turned on.
-Bathmat: if it’s wet when you want to shower, grab a new one. Place the one you remove in brown wooden laundry basket in dining room.

Complimentary Items/Services:
-WiFi – Network is Home-B312 or Home-B312 EXT & password for both is U4FRD7KN9KPH94XP
-Complimentary sweet iced tea is always in the fridge for your enjoyment! It’s what we drink, y’all should too! #It’sASouthernThing
-Use fire pit and/or grill; however, u provide charcoal, lighter fluid, wood etc.
-One free small glass of sangria over ice (or a locally brewed beer), for your entire stay for each member of your group comes with your reservation. Additional small iced glasses of sangria/beers are $2. Large iced sangrias are $4. See posted pictures on cork board hanging between dining room & kitchen for clarification on what size glass constitutes large & small & note sangria is served over ice.

Shared Spaces:
-“Couch Surfing at its Finest” (the twin bed/couch in living room), “Futon in Fred’s Room”, “Twin Bed in Fred’s Room”, “Top Bunk in Fred’s Room”, “Bottom Bunk in Fred’s Room”, “The Summerhouse” & “Have Tent? Will Travel” are the shared space rooms/listings. (“The Summerhouse” & “Have Tent? Will Travel” are marked shared space because everyone is allowed to use the backyard; however, nobody will go into the summerhouse/your tent & “The Summerhouse” door locks.
-If you book a "shared space" area, expect other people to be coming & going & for the noise level to be more audible than if you were in a private room. If that would bother your sleep or make you uncomfortable, you should probably book a private room instead. I do have ear plugs, head phones, fans for white noise & eye masks if any of these items will make your shared space stay more comfortable.
-If you book tent camping or “The Summerhouse”, I advise that you check the weather & plan accordingly.
-When there are tent campers and/or summerhouse guests staying in backyard & people are home, the kitchen door can be left unlocked during the day while you’re in the backyard for ease of coming & going into the house; however, when leaving the house please lock all three locks on kitchen door. Additionally, at night when I go to sleep, I lock that door. Therefore; if a camper or summerhouse guest needs to come inside while the kitchen door is locked, she must use key to unlock gate & come in through front door. Lastly, for the outdoor guests, always keep the gate shut & locked.
-If you’re in "Fred's Room," the screen door & sliding glass door should be locked unless you’re in backyard. At night, the last person to retire should ensure screen door & sliding glass doors are locked. Additionally, that person should set the alarm. The 1st person awake in the morning should turn the alarm off.

Visitors/Guests of Guests:
-You’re welcome to have a friend stop by for a visit or tour; however, alert me if you plan on having someone spend the night. If you're in a private room, it's an additional $10 for each night you have a guest spend the night. If you booked a shared space bed, your guest would simply need to book a different shared space bed. Payment is due prior to your guest’s arrival, & I need to be notified of the dates.
-NEVER give a key to anyone who’s not a member of your registered group.
-You’re responsible for ensuring your visitors & overnight guests follow all the house rules.
-If your guest makes me uncomfortable, I reserve the right to ask him to leave & no refunds are issued.

Your Private Room:
-Blow out candles in your room before leaving or going to sleep.
-Don't stockpile dirty towels & wash cloths in your room. Put in hamper to be washed so we always have enough clean.
-All private rooms can be locked from the inside.

-No Smoking in the house
-Smoking is allowed outside & ash trays are on the front porch & in the backyard

-Complimentary laundry service for 1st load.
-Additional loads are $5/load or if you provide detergent, softener & dryer sheets (etc.) for an HE machine I’ll do laundry for free
-A basket or bag for your laundry is provided. Keep my linens, towels, wash cloths, bathmats etc. separate from your laundry
-Place my things in brown wooden laundry hamper in dining room
-Place your basket/bag on top of brown wooden laundry hamper in dining room. After your free load, provide detergent, softener & dryer sheets for an HE machine or $5 w/laundry.
-Clothes are washed in cold water with detergent (but no fabric softener, dryer sheet, stain remover, bleach etc. unless provided by you) & dried w/hi heat unless otherwise specified.
-If you have specifications for how you want your laundry washed, I’ve created forms for you to fill out indicating your preferences.
-I don't fold. :-)
-I don't do laundry after 11pm b/c the washing machine is loud (working on having this fixed). Also, remember I’ve got two other jobs & (sometimes) a social life; therefore, if you need clean clothes, plan accordingly as I may not be able to launder them immediately.
-Don't stockpile dirty towels & wash cloths in your room. Put in hamper to be washed so we always have enough clean.
-Guests aren't allowed to use washer & dryer. If you wish to do your own, there's a laundry mat .4 miles away called "Park Ave. Laundry Mat."

-I welcome travelers with furry friends; however, my cats, Naxos & Sappho, don’t share my enthusiasm. Therefore, I’ve got strict rules regarding pets.
-Make arrangements w/me ahead of time. DON'T just show up with animals.
-Pets must stay in your private room at all times, unless you’re taking the pet outside.
-Dogs are welcome to run free in the triple lot backyard.
-You’re expected to clean up after your pets both inside & outside. Cleaning up after your pets includes using a lint roller (provided by me) to remove pet hair from all furniture & pillows etc; &, picking up poop from yard & placing in outside trash. And, of course, thoroughly cleaning any accidents they have in house. I would provide rags & cleaners.
-DON'T let your pets roam the house (even on a leash) or even stand with them anywhere but your room, as it makes my cats nervous, & I don't want my cats stressed. Therefore, when they need to go outside please go directly outside, & upon returning, head them straightaway into your room. Many people with lovely animals are sure my cats will like them; unfortunately, they won’t & it will cause behavior problems. The good news is; my cats will love you!

Chick & Turk’s as a Venue:
-Events & parties are allowed; however, this needs to be discussed & planned with me prior to event. C&T's is an affordable event space. Additionally; I offer catering, bartending & event planning services. Celebrate your birthday, bachelor party, holidays, retirement or have your wedding at Chick & Turk’s.

Amenities Provided:
-Shampoo, soap & other toiletries
-Towels, hand towels & wash cloths
-Sewing Kit
-Iron, starch & ironing board in hall closet to left of bathroom.
-Pen & notepad to jot notes in every room

Cat(s) live in the house



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โพรไฟล์ผู้ใช้ Andy
เมษายน 2016
I enjoyed staying with Heidi so much that I booked a night with my paramour for the "Romantic Getaway" night. Talk about being pampered? Flowers, candles, wine, breakfast in bed & other special treats made it a lovely evening. Heidi even gifted us with a hand painted stone that read "We fell in love again at Chick & Turk's." That was a thoughtful gesture & fun memento. Heidi has a natural gift of making you feel special. I highly recommend her B&B!
โพรไฟล์ผู้ใช้ HeidiHeidi คือเจ้าของที่พักดีเด่น
คำตอบจาก Heidi:
Thanks Andy!!! You're great!
เมษายน 2016

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โพรไฟล์ผู้ใช้ HeidiHeidi คือเจ้าของที่พักดีเด่น

Born in Memphis, I've also lived in NY, D.C., Minneapolis, Amelia Island, Atlanta & Colorado Springs. However; I always come home to my favorite city...Memphis! I consider myself a "Hospitality Host" because Southern Hospitality is real to me, & my goal is to ensure every person who stays with me feels welcomed, comfortable & has all their needs met. Chick & Turk's B&B is my primary occupation (& I LOVE my job); however, do some consulting work & work in marketing for Yoder Brands. My core values are forgiveness, justice & equality. We build community, embrace diversity & live in a supportive environment. Greece is the most idyllic place on earth: I spent 2 weeks there on my honeymoon. Four years ago, after 9 years of marriage I was widowed. I lost everything & thought I might never function again. Opening Chick & Turk's saved my life. I've met the most incredible people & many remain friends. This is a place of healing, but also a place of fun. Many guests call it magical...come experience the magic!

ภาษา: English
อัตราการตอบกลับ: 100%
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