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เจ้าของที่พักดีเด่นอัมสเตอร์ดัม Noord-Holland เนเธอร์แลนด์
Private room ใน อพาร์ทเมนท์ให้เช่าโดย Marion
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Marion เป็นเจ้าของที่พักดีเด่น
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95% ของผู้เข้าพักล่าสุดให้คะแนนสถานที่ตั้ง 5 ดาว
Need luggage drop early arrival? I ask a reasonable fee. Feel as at home!
* No stairs to climb ! to your room on street level.
* I offer you excellent value for money! A low price, included cleaning!
* Silent Private spacey room, floor heating!
* I have two beds or a KING Bed, four seats and a table in the room.
* You’ve booked a Private room, bathroom, toilet, towels, toiletries.
* Light room at day time!
* Dark room at night, 3 excellent dark curtains!
* Luxury 5 star high quality beds!

Hi, my name is Marion. Welcome on my profile page.
I love ART and Nature and my profession as a hairdresser, my salon Hair by Nature.
I am an easy going girl living in downtown Amsterdam near Van GOGH and canals and boat trips, in a quiet greenery street and named as the famous painter: Frans Hals.
I love to see and make art myself, love to read and travel and like to meet new people from all over the world! Airbnb is a great community and I am proud they awarded me again with the Super-host status. I will do the utmost to make you feel comfortable.

I have only ONE PRIVATE ROOM for my guest!
- ONE KING BED, for couples, as you can see on my pictures.
- TWO SEPARATE BEDS, for friends, or father with adult child ( above 11 ) or mother and adult child, ( above 11 ) as you can see on my pictures.

I would love to have you as my guest! So if you would like to stay in a lovely quiet comfy room, no noise, no neighbors, High end Hotel Beds and floor heated,
in the most wanted part of the city: The North of DE PIJP, attached the Canals and Inner city and Museum Quarter,
in a cute street and neighborhood, with plethora of tiny restaurants, eateries, terraces outside, cute small shops, Coffee companies and Health-food organic store DE AANZET around my corner, or Starbucks around my corner, or the daily famous Albert Cuypmarkt on my corner, with famous STROOPWAFFLE, HERRING, Fish and Cheese shops. And 5 Bakeries and 5 Supermarkets. More than 16 Breakfast and Lunch places. like AVOCADO SHOP a 72 foot steps from your room. Or Bakers & Roasters around my corner, a 210 foot steps walk. And one famous Cheese shop ’t Kaasboertje a 220 foot steps walk.
Well yes, come stay!
I know how great it is to be abroad and find that genuine feeling-wether you are on a business trip or on vacation

The BNB is situated in the same building as salon Hair by Nature. (Yes, I also run a hair salon and yes you get a discount! )

Before you book:
I welcome you personally and you will receive my house key and all you need to know.

Check in is from 7pm-10pm, unless we agree another time of arrival or luggage drop.
Luggage drop early, or early arrival might be possible for a small fee for my time in return, to be there for you.
( I have to work at daytime.) Please make an appointment for that, because I need to know this in advance.
I have a surcharge for check in after 10pm or before 7pm. I have an official B&B so no need to worry for your stay.
Ask me your questions.

I am happy to offer you a taste of what is my place in the world so far: De Pijp in Amsterdam. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question about the listing, or what else you wish for. I offer you a spacey private silent room, hand made best natural materials wooden beds, soft toppers, pillows, slippers and bath coats.

The apartment is very close to the Museum Square with the three most important art museums of the city! And the canals and Inner city on walking distance!
Yes! You are lucky!
You can see the RIJKSMUSEUM after 214 foot steps from your room,
an easy 6 min.walking distance to Van GOGH museum, and an easy 6 to 9 min.walking distance from the famous canals.

The private room attached bathroom & toilet is situated on the backside of house. Super silent cosy spacey room! My B&B is renovated in Okt. 2019.

The minimum stay is 1 day. But I prefer 2 or more days. Always ask me about possibilities.
IF there is only 1 night left, you can book for 1 night.

We are not looking for party people, but to Celebrate a Birthday or a Wedding night are perfect in my lovely house!
The price is for two persons. No baby or 3rd person! ( Unless, in special occations I agree ask me in advance, sometimes it is possible. But only after booking the room for 2 first. )

* 1)- Early Check in/luggage drop maybe possible, ask me first before booking,
for a small fee for my time to be there for you at day time, my work time.
* 2)- Check in: 19:00pm-22:00pm! No extra cost, after my work time.
* 3)- It is not difficult to check in, if you decide what you want:
to pay a fee at daytime / or / check in at my check in hours!

* If you need an early arrival, that means for me:
that I have to be there, and be available for you on day time, my work time,
which cost some euros for my time in return! That sounds reasonable.
I don't push you to arrive early, it is a choice you made..

You just booked your own PRIVATE silent room with a lot of privacy.
Your private spacey room!
Your private tiny small but convienient bathroom with toileteries .
With a great Hot Shower! Hand held and on the wall. Always neat and clean!

Everything is easily to walk, or by tram or Metro or rental one of my bikes!
You recieve your own house keys to use these days.
No limited time to come home late at night. Enjoy your stay!

Because I love to meet all kind of travellers from all over the world I keep my rate for the private room and private bathroom much lower then it could be! Even lower then airbnb advice price! Therefore I appreciate it very much if you keep my house as nice neat tidy and clean as you went in. Use the bins you see in the hallway or in the toilet.

* Remove WAIST : Through your :
Sanitairy cotton, cleaning wiphers, hairs from the floor after each shower in the bathroom bin! And NEVER NOT in the toilet please!

* Through only TOILET PAPER in the Toilet! Other stuff in the bin!

Other waist in the bins you see in your hallway.
Plenty of bins are in the house and your hallway counts two or more!
And in the kitchen! Use them!

*4 )- Check out is at 10:00am the last day! Or earlier.
Let me know please which time you are leaving, to collect my house keys.
Please communicate these time with me in advance please.
- My check in hours are between: 7pm-9:55pm!
- Need an early check in or Luggage drop first?
- Might be possible, please ask me first before booking my room.
1 ) - Do you need TWO TWIN BED or a KINGSIZE BED ?
2 ) - Who is coming with you? Both names please.
3 ) - And which time do you have to leave the very last day?
Text me these time please!
4 ) - I always wave out my guest personally.
I always love to double check the room with you!
To avoid 'lost luggage' afterwards and to collect my house keys!
* My house is situated in the most famous, most wanted street, Frans Hals at 'De Pijp'!
Frans Halsstraat in Amsterdam in lively and charming 'quartier latin’of Amsterdam!
You've booked one private room and your own private bathroom with toiletries and towels, in a seperate private wing of the house, attached at the courtyard on the main floor, which attached a patio, courtyard!

* Wow! Your own private room and own private bathroom in these lovely area!
And this part of my house you may judge in a review as much as you like…
Because you've booked only a private room and not an entire apartement!
But not judge my kitchen, or hair salon, which is my private space.

* You've booked a private room and not an entire apartement.
The kitchen is not for cooking hot meals and I don't have a microwave.

* But of course you can prep your sandwich, breakfast or pale you fruit in the morning in the kitchen and made your tea or coffee here.
My house in a 19th century housing block in the most famous and most wanted street in a lovely green and queit street, named as the famous painter himself Frans Hals and has seven different kind of three’s! Calm as well bustling, a hipster neighborhood too!
They're named my street: 'the RED CARPET'!
Cute terraces, cafes and restaurants,a famous Wine shop 'van Krimpen' accross my house.

And for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner you have to many choices around my house,
around my corner. a 12 to 220 meter walk around my corner.
I send you the listing and I point them on a map when you're here.

* You always have to enter my house through: my Hair salon, Hair by Nature,
walk through my huge living kitchen to the door at your right hand of the kitchen,
to enter your own wing, your private room and private bathroom and toilet.

* To use for my guest in the middle of the hallway :
your private tiny bathroom and toilet! Convienient and warm!

All other doors and slide doors in your hallway are not for guest,
(for my cleaning supplies)

* Behind the kitchen is your wing.
This is what you may judge in a review as much as you like!

In the kitchen you can boil water for tea or make the best coffee by machine or by hand! Please don't use my kitchen after ± 22.00pm please.

You can prepare your own brought breakfast the next morning or lunch for take away before to explore the city!

'Huge bathroom lovers' have to book elsewhere! Mine is tiny, small.
My bathroom have high standard brands:
VOLA and DURAVIT thermostate cranes and Duravit sink and toilet!
Design: VOLA and Duravit. I invest in The Best! But I can't build it bigger than it is.
A lot of privacy you have, best sleep ever, and a super hot shower!
What else do you need?

I have invest in the best:
1 ) - Floor heating, in your private room and private bathroom!
Turn the heating button for right temperature, it takes a while to heat up..
2 ) - Excellent Hotel Beds. Brand: COCO-MAT!
3 ) - Design, small tiny PRIVATE Bathroom.
4 ) - 3 kinds of curtains: light or black as night! Sleep at day time is great, if needed!

The best thing you need, is a good sleep when book a room, on super beds!
Therefore I invest in it. You deserve a good start after a long day travel, stroll and explore Amsterdam!And in a lovely local private house! Your private seperate wing of the house!

On high quality Luxury Beds':
- Two Twin Bed or a King Bed. Ask me which one to prepare for you!
* TWO Luxury TWINS, Brand: COCO-MAT: 100 / 210 cm each. Huge European size! Or
* ONE HUGE KING-SIZE, Brand: COCO-MAT: 200 / 210 cm each. Huge European size.
Hand made, Pure Natural materials, made of pure wood!
Have an amazing stay!

Warmly Welcome! Marion

You enter my house, my salon, my living kitchen on street level to your own wing at the backside of the house!
You're lucky that you don't need stairs to enter your room.
Make some tea or coffee in the morning, or buy some things for yor own breakfast and prepare your own breakfast in my living kitchen before explore the city.
You can sit and eat your breakfast in the living kitchen.

Enter your own wing. …
Your room is at the back side of the house which is on street level.

* I have Whattsapp, or Signal, download it for free! +31 642105715
And add me for those day (s ), face book. Marion Kempkes.
+31 642105715

*Dear visitors if you book my room, I need to know:
1 ) -both your full names,
2 ) -your passport numbers, or
3 ) - or ID card and,
4 ) -your city and Country.
Same as a Hotel registration, for legal requirements, for tax purposes, at arrival please! Write it in my little note book on the table.

I love my house and I am very lucky that I have the opportunity to rent my room out to guests! I am always busy to keep the room and all info updated and super clean for you and I hope you will appreciate it as well.

- I am a registered B&B. This means I have registered myself at city hall.
- I am insured and took all the right measurement to make sure I do this save.
- I am a registered company which means I pay TAX.
- I have approval from the VVE.
- I live in the same building and meet all requirements needed.

I want you stay to be awesome!
So I will tell you more ones you get here.
I have plenty of inside tips, nice places to eat, drink, see and enjoy!
You are warmly welcome in my lovely cosy spacious house !


* It’s a non smoker room and house!
* Please after 22:00pm no use of my kitchen please!
And not allowed to cook a hot meal in my kitchen or use my oven.
And not cook meal in your private room!
* After 22.00pm no loud noises in front of the house or living kitchen!

* You may make as much noise as you like in your own room!
Which nobody can hear you because your room in a separate wing of the main house, after entering the six meter long hallway.
* Respect each others privacy and close silent all the doors!


* LOCK THE FRONT DOOR when leave or by come in my house!
With a key outside.
With the door button inside, by turning the botton to the right - tree times - to the right!

* It's a clean house and I like to keep it that way;)
* No use of the kitchen after 22:00pm please!
* Not allowed to cook a meal in my kitchen or in your room!
* Not allowed to use my oven in the kitchen!

* Check-in : Between 19:00pm and 22.00pm
* Early check in might be possible, ask me in advance for this service!
Because I have to be there and available for you! It cost some euros.

* Check-out is at 10:00am !
*** About : Check-in and Check-out hours ***
- You have a choice: Read below:

* - Check in between 19:00pm- 22:00pm.

* - Check in early? at day time might be possible, first ask me.
* - To Leave your luggage after check out, the last day, ask me.
* - Late check-in after 21.00pm only on request in advange please!
Because someone has to be there and available for you!
* - Check in after 22:00pm Very late check in cost money,ask me in advance.

* - Check-Out time : 10:00am !
10:05am: The Room and bathroom free of all your Luggage
for the clean up of the room!

* Check-out time Later then 10:00am? Cost :
- Check-out at 10:30am cost €20
- Check-out at 11.00am cost €35
- Check-out at 12.00am cost €45
- Check-out at 13.00pm cost €50
*To leave your luggage after check out 10:00am cost some euros,
ask me in advance.
* Wet towels* in the bathroom please! Not hang over chairs or beds please!!!
For you, for me and your next guests not pleasant!
Keep the room and air fresh and nice.

* Not overacting with deo spray or eau de toilette, parfume please!

* Don't waist your toothpaste on my towels or on the floor.
Clean it with wet toilet paper directly, does the work well, otherwise it damages the tilles. Even not on towels! It damages the towels!

* Don't wipe your dirty mouth with bleach toothpaste on towels!
The next person may think that I didn't washed them,
because of a bleachspot in it. This white bleached spots towels
I can't repair, then I have to charge you the NEW TOWEL cost.
Because I have to replace a new one instead!

* You may leave all your 'Dirty used wet towels on the towelbutton on
the Bathroom door or Towel hanger, or when it must be washed on the
hallway floor by the bathroom door in the hallway please!
Then I knew, I can wash them! And please not on chairs or on the bed!

* You can hang them on the Drying warderobe to dry at the 6 meter long private hallway or in the garden by nice dry weather.The air of your room stay spiky, fresh and clean that way!

* You may put the dirty cups and glasses when used, on my draining board, at my counter in my living kitchen please!
Enjoy an amazing holiday!
Need luggage drop early arrival? I ask a reasonable fee. Feel as at home!
* No stairs to climb ! to your room on street level.
* I offer you excellent value for money! A low price, included cleaning!
* Silent Private spacey room, floor heating!
* I have two beds or a KING Bed, four seats and a table in the room.
* You’ve booked a Private room, bathroom, toilet, towels, toiletries.
* L…


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4.82 (604 รีวิว)



อัมสเตอร์ดัม Noord-Holland เนเธอร์แลนด์

* On ground floor, YES streetlevel, I offer you a special WING!
INCLUDED cleaning cost!
Your silent private large space, on street level, YES on ground floor, steetlevel.
My famous neighborhood is great, for locals and tourist, for youngsters, hipsters and elderly! Five famous museums are an easy 6-10 minute walk nearby:
Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Mocro, Stedelijk, Foam, a 6-10 minute walk nearby!
Sightseeing to famous Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, a boat trip or relax in Vondelpark at the Blue tea house or het melkmeisje in the middle of this famous park.
This park is good for a 60 min.walk. Or run 18 or 20min.

*At summer season you find here free dance and theatre performance some days of the week at weekend! FREE CONCERTS till Sept.25.

*Or at the famous Sarphati park to meet local people of Amsterdam!

From here you find Coffee and Coconut, for breakfast, lunch or dinner (till 23:00pm.)
Or at 'Bakers and Roasters', 'Bagels and Beans,'The AVOCADO SHOW' ' BLOND' or 'JACK's' or 'Hoed en krekels' and two others, just new!

On all other corners in my street or my surrounding neighbourhood are plenty of shops, café's and terrasses to sit in or outsides. Coffee company, Starbucks ect.
For breakfast, lunch, brunch, for a coffee breake, cafe bars, restaurants and nightclubs or music concerts like: PARADISO or the MELKWEG a 10 or 11 min.walk away from my house!

Busy and quiet as well my neigborhood, but very relaxed and safe to walk at evening and at night! Even women alone by their own.

Your room is very quiet to enjoy and relax with a lot of privacy!

Various of rare tiny shops, like Retro, vintage shops you will find around my corner. Vintage shop 'Kilo shop' on the Albert cuypmarkt now!

The best to drink your coffee in or outside on terasses are on my corner, from the Quelijnstreet as the Gerard Doustreet or square, surrounding the Albert Cuyp market or nearby the Rijksmuseum, the van Baerlestreet or the small side streets from the canal's Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht, which you can walk in about five to twentytwo minutes, depends where you go. For example Anne Frank House you can walk in 30 min.! All other museum and attractions are nearby and easy to walk! Leidsesquare a ten or eleven minutes walk from your room!
The famous museum: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and Stedelijk
are a five to nine min.walk!

There are plenty tiny and large shops in my surrounding from every day market the ''Albert Cuypmarket'' to buy THE FAMOUS FRESH STROOPWAFELS, fruit, shakes, cheap clothes and many more items.
Everyday open, except on Sunday's!

You can walk to Leidseplein or Museumplein.
The P.C.Hoofdstraat with their exclusive Clothes, Bags and Shoe Shops,
eleven minutes walking distance from your hotspot!

The most famous, attractive and most beautiful street of my neighbourhood they say: de Frans Halsstraat, my street! A lot of locals and tourist have their famous cafe's, breakfast, lunchcafe's and restaurants here!
My neighborhood for clothes and shoe shops all for afordable prices.
For the best coffee you ever had, you have to go to a
ITALIAN Coffee Brewer, around my corner. They serve breakfast or lunch!
* On ground floor, YES streetlevel, I offer you a special WING!
INCLUDED cleaning cost!
Your silent private large space, on street level, YES on ground floor, steetlevel.
My famous neighborhoo…

ให้เช่าที่พักโดย Marion

เข้าร่วมตั้งแต่พฤษภาคม 2015
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  • เจ้าของที่พักดีเด่น
That depends on your and mine schedule during the day or evening.
Time to enjoy the City the fullest, the most priority for all of my guest! Specialy for only 'one night stay over'!
I love to meet and talk to international and national guests and welcome them with a snack or a drink to feel comfy like at home! To tell them all my lovely info of where to eat, to drink and enjoy!
Or I leave them totally private in their room when they prefer to relax, to sleep or to search out everything by themselve before explore the city of Amsterdam.
That depends on your and mine schedule during the day or evening.
Time to enjoy the City the fullest, the most priority for all of my guest! Specialy for only 'one night stay…
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เช็คอิน: 19:00-21:00
เช็คเอาท์: 10:00
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