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Small-Group Sailing Cruise in Nafplio with meal Included
Amazing traveler, hop on Nafplio4sail (sailing boat | catamaran cruises) & swim into the most beautiful and secluded beaches of Argolic Gulf! Use our offered snorkelling equipment in crystal clear waters, try the SUP or just lay down and enjoy Greek sun! Our team will go above and beyond to preserve your sea vibes while experiencing complete calmness, privacy & sea games. Program: • We set sail from Nafplio port towards beaches accessible only by boat near Ksiropigado for our first swimming stop • Then, if wind power is enough, we open sails and head for our next stop, a cave and a beach at Daskaleio & Romvi island • We sail around Romvi island, take a look of Tolo and start our way back to Nafplio • Through the cruise, our crew prepares meals, drinks and shares historic facts of the area Additional info: • This semi-private cruise, based on our boat protocol can host up to 12 people on board (10 +2 crew members) • The sailing boat is 36 feet long with 3 cabins and 2 toilets • A full, onboard safety briefing is conducted prior to every departure • All touch-points are frequently cleaned • Due to weather conditions, itinerary may change to a safer destination or not set sails Nafplio4Sail cruises team is ready to set sail with you. Contact us to discover our complete list of offered experiences.
Meet the bees/Beekeeping/Honey/Επίσκεψη σε μελισσοκομείο
Θα μιλησουμε για τον θαυμαστό κόσμο της μέλισσας, την απίστευτα οργανωμένη κοινωνία της και τα πέρα από κάθε φαντασία χαρακτηριστικά της, ενώ θα παρατηρούμε τον μικρόκοσμό της φορώντας στολές και ανοίγοντας πραγματικές κυψέλες σε ένα κτήμα όπου βρίσκεται ένα πραγματικό μελισσοκομείο! Θα δούμε και θα παρατηρήσουμε τις μέλισσες και την εσωτερική τους οργάνωση, την γύρη, το μέλι, την πρόπολη, τον γόνο αλλά και τα είδη των μελισσών, την βασίλισσα, τις εργάτριες, τους κηφήνες και τον ρόλο τους μέσα στην κυψέλη! Θα κάνουμε ο,τι χρειάζεται ανάλογα με την εποχή για να βοηθήσουμε τις μελισσες, όπως ένας μελισσοκομος! Ύστερα, σε μια γραφική παραδοσιακή αυλή του αρχαίου χωριού, θα φάμε φρέσκους λουκουμάδες δοκιμάζοντας τα διαφορετικά είδη μελιού και μιλώντας για την προέλευσή τους, τον τρόπο που συλλέγουν το καθένα οι μέλισσες και τα χαρακτηριστικά τους! Θα δούμε και θα εξηγήσουμε τα σύνεργα του μελισσοκόμου, το μηχάνημα εξαγωγής του μελιού και τον τρόπο που εξάγει το μέλι από τις κηρήθρες! Θα περπατήσουμε σε έναν πανέμορφο δρόμο στην φύση, πίσω ακριβώς από τον αρχαιολογικό χώρο των Μυκηνών, θα μιλήσουμε για το μελι και την ζωή των αρχαίων Μυκηναίων, θα παρατηρήσουμε και θα κόψουμε ρίγανη, θυμάρι και αλλά μελισσοκομικά φυτά! Σας περιμένω για να σας ξεναγήσω στον μαγικό κόσμο των μελισσών!
Walk around the mountainous Aegina and its gems
Are you a hiking enthousiast or a history lover? Aegina has a network of paths that used to connect the whole island since old times. Throughout our walks, we approach different sights according the level of difficulty, the needs and the desires of the team! We make sure that the choice suits you! Number one natural sight of Aegina, the Ancient Olive Grove (Eleonas) stands out, on the west, with a plus visit at the village of Pachia Rachi! Above it, the highest top, Mount Ellanion, boasting the remnants of Zeus temple next to a byzantine church! Moving central, the Monastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa approachable by a scenic circular path! Or a beautiful hike among pine trees discovering old villages. On the north, the byzantine castle city of Palia Chora, plus a possible visit to the Monastery of Saint-Nektarios. Moving South, the village of Perdika, for a round walk including the area of the old bunkers, or heading straight up to Sfentouri area to the Dragon Houses for a panoramic view. Join to enjoy!
Olive Tour & Tasting
Olive Tour & Tasting is a unique experience just a 25-minute drive north from Kalamata. Special offers for kids over 12 years old! During your visit, you’ll walk in a century-old olive grove that have been groomed and harvested the antique way for over 4 generations. Next, you’ll learn about the production of olive oil in a private mill. Lastly, you’ll finish with an olive oil tasting lesson and learn about the great benefits of olive oil. A funny lesson that you’ll taste olives and olive oil of different qualities along with some traditional Greek snacks. Live a unique experience! Taste Greece! Other things to note The area is flat, no need for hiking, but a pair of boots is always useful. In the olive mill there is a wc and a kitchen if you need something. Free wi-fi.
Sea Kayaking in Kardamyli
Our trip starts from Kardamyli’s old harbor, the place we meet. The activity includes 30 min preparation time, 2-2,5 hours paddling exploration 1 hour break for rest,swimming and snorkeling. Before departure, we brief you on trip details, kayak paddling techniques and safety measures. Soon we get into our kayaks and begin a coastal exploration at a relaxed paddling pace. Each little cove hides a special surprise such as hidden sea caves, rock gardens, cliffs with spectacular formation, hidden sandy and pebble beaches. One of the top attractions of this trip is a visit to the Blue Cave. A spectacular natural phenomenon where sunlight passing through a crack in the cave reflects on the sea floor and bathes the entire cave in aquamarine light. A swim into the cave is a must do and a lifetime experience. Weather and time permitting we may head to Stoupa for a stop at the beach of Kalogria with its fine golden sand and turquoise waters. Halfway we make a relaxing stop for swimming, snorkeling and rest. Once the lunch stop is over we paddle back to the starting point to end an adventurous day spent in the coastline of the Mani. Other things to note The Seakayaking in Kardamyli trip is suitable for everyone, beginners and families . We keep a stable and comfortable paddling pace and there's sufficient rest time during our stops.
Flyboard sessions for Two
Wake up a bit earlier and join us to try something totally different in the sea. Flyboard will give you amazing feeling of flying and balance. As for us, we are gonna be ready to share with you all secrets about this beautiful activity! Private sessions for two with coach and a lot of unbelievable photos are guaranteed! The price 180€ is for TWO PERSONS! Includes: Full equipment for Flyboard session Instructions 4 Flyboard sessions (2 for each person)
Теннис объединяет людей
Мы сможем играть в теннис на кортах в Эрмиони, получая удовольствие от спорта, воздуха и общения. Опыт полученный с нами вы никогда не забудете! Будет весело, задорно и по спортивному. Ждём вас в гости!
Sophocles' Walk / Meet the Greek Poetry
We will meet at the heart of the old town of Nafplion which was the first capital of the modern history of Greece and one of the most beautiful cities in the country that most of the Greek poets visited or lived in the past. We will start a walk based on the history of Greek poetry from the ancient time untill the modern era. You will have the chance to experience the city as a local and explore some of the hidden spots of the city that I was born and grew up. I have created especially for you a handwritten book with some of my favourite poems in both Greek and English and a proper walk that combines history and art . I will be delighted to read to you one of the most iconic speeches that was written about love, ''Eros'' the monologue of Antigone by Sophocles. As we continue we will walk by the sea where we will talk about ''Ithaca'', a poem written by Konstantinos Cavafis. Other writters that will be mentioned are Evripidis, Eschylos, Odysseas Elytis and George Seferis. I will be glad to learn about your favourite poets and broaden my knowledge . Other things to note At the whole time you will be safe and guided to safe places , at any moment you can tell your opinion or ask any advice about something you prefer. You will be respected as a human being.
Savor Nafplio_Wine Tasting in Wineries
We will have a 35 minutes' drive to one of my favourite wineries in Nemea which I love to visit not only for the information about the wine production process and the tastes of the wine varieties but also about the people and their passion about wine making! After this we will visit a second one so as our experience to be fully completed! * The time schedule could be tailor made
Savor Nafplio, Cooking Class in Nafplio
Join our Cooking Classes in Nafplio. Our chef will transform your cooking class into a warm, joyful life experience. He will use his profound knowledge of traditions as well as the Avant Garde cuisine techniques to create with you a meal measuring up to a 5 Star Restaurant. Savor a hands on experience. You will cook all the plates you have decided and then will enjoy them drinking wine which has been compined accordingly. Gain with us an experience to remember.
Mountain running in the mountain of Myths, Helmos
Are you an adventurous person and looking for unique mountain experiences? Let's discover together the wild beauty of the Aroania mountains. Myths, fairies and dragons can't wait to host us and share all their secrets with us. - Mountain running experience 11 km loop & 700m+ Crossing the most spectacular peak of Helmos, Profitis Ilias, in a demanding route ready to exciting all your senses. Great opportunity for training and discovering the treasures of the area. After the run we’ll relax, rehabilitate, sharing thoughts and feelings and enjoy coffee & food near the river Aroanios with his giant forest. Included - mountain runner guide - 15’ rehabilitation with PT - Discount meal NOT included - Apparel & equipment for running - Food & liquids for the running NOTE - Please bring your own food and liquids - People without the properly apparel & shoes will not participate in the activity
Olive Oil Tasting in an Organic Farm
learn all the secrets of the green gold of Greece, how to distinguish the fresh, extra virgin olive oil and the Greek olive varieties and how to store your olive oil properly. Meet our perennial olive trees that age more than 500 years – you can even hide in their trunk! This unique olive oil experience will teach you how to evaluate and choose the best olive oils for your cooking and dinner table. at eumelia we do olive oil…. literally, we are organic olive oil producers with two in-house olive oil sommeliers and over 15 years of experience in olive oil making. Join us for an olive and olive oil tasting surrounded by our ancient olive grove. Other things to note Bring a hat, walking shoes and sun block in the summer months
Explore Blue Lake & Temple of Hera with Locals
We will explore the wide area of Loutraki with amazing natural beauty, elements of its ancient history and wonderful beaches. I will be your escort to this great experience in order discover the hidden gems that make this area so special. First we will drive to Gerania mountain, right next to the town of Loutraki. Our first stop will be at 700 meters of altitude to important Osios Patapios monastery. We will admire the Corinth Golf and the Corinth Canal from above. We will talk about out the history of the area, enjoying the amazing view. Then, we will drive to the very end on the mountain through olive tree fields heading to the Temple of Hera and the great Lighthouse. You will feel the unique aura of this "open air" museum and imagine how ancient Greeks where using this location as a port and aqueduct. Our final destination will be Lake Vouliagmeni or "Blue Lake". The salty lake is a place of amazing natural beauty. We will swim to the crystal clear water and enjoy our refreshments.
Sea Kayak Nafplio
Our sea kayaking trip starts at the northern side of Karathona beach where you we meet. You will be briefed in detail regarding all the important trip info and safety advice after which you will start your paddling adventure on a crystal-clear sea. What is unique when Sea Kayaking around Nafplio is the view of three medieval forts creating remarkable scenery. We shall paddle towards Bourtzi, built on the 15th century on an islet right in front of the port. Watching the Unesco world heritage fortress of Palamidi and the town beneath from sea level is a remarkable experience. We carry on paddling along and under the hill of Akronauplia fortress with spectacular views of the cliffs covered in prickly pear cactus. After some kayaking we shall make a stop for swimming and snorkeling! Here we shall also taste our homemade picnic of local delicacies and relax under the sun. After this energy pumped stop, we will circle back around the hill and return back to the starting point .
Hiking around Navarino Bay
Our hike starts from Divari beach near Gialova. We follow the path around the lagoon where we get the opportunity to witness a unique and sensitive ecosystem. Here, migratory birds such as herons, flamingos and ospreys live which may have the opportunity to observe. We cross the dunes until we reach the famous omega shape beach of Voidokoilia. A refreshing swim into its turquoise waters is an option. On the way to Paleokastro fort we stop to explore the cave of mythical king Nestor. At the top of the hill we explore the medieval castle and learn about the intense history of the region. Here, the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape reveals breathtaking vistas hard to believe it's true. After tasting a healthy picnic, we descend the way back.