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Le Morne Mountain Sunrise Hike and Climb
Begin your outdoor adventure with a short briefing, and your qualified mountaineer will lead to the mountain. This activity includes a total of 4 rock scrambling and climbing sections which is doable by participants with little to no experience in mountaineering. Enjoy a nice fitness walk for the first section of this trip - walk on a constant elevation in the midst of indigenous plants and trees, reaching an altitude of 260 m above sea level. Walking for further 300 m, you will reach the first and longest rock scrambling pitch. While ascending, you will enjoy spectacular views over Benitiers Island and other prominent mountains. The trip continues to the "little summit" (473 m above sea level) of Le Morne Mountain. You will have enough time to admire the breathtaking landscapes of paradise island before we start descending. Once you are back at the meeting point, you may proceed in moving to your accommodation. *Kindly note that the possible start times for this trip are: 5:00 and 13:30.
Must love dogs Visit Happy Tails Dog Sanctuary
If you love dogs of all shapes and sizes, this Experience is for you. Visit the Happy Tails Sanctuary, in the south of the island, home to 127 rescue dogs! Most of these lovable furry friends have come from the streets & some previously had an "owner." Unwanted, unloved or abused, they all have a sad story to tell about their past All the dogs at the sanctuary are up for adoption and sponsorship and the animal loving team works 24/7 on making sure their suffering days are over. They have a big dog park to play in and also a lovely house to rest in with their favourite canine friends. You can play, walk and run with the dogs and get smothered in kisses! Your visit contributes towards the wellbeing of the sanctuary dogs and also towards hosting sterilisation campaigns locally in order to reduce the overpopulation of straying dogs on the island. NB: We are also always looking for "flight buddies" to accompany some of our lucky ones to their new families in Europe. Main airports we have previously sent dogs to are Zurich, Paris, London. If you are interested in being a part of these beautiful adoptions, please contact us. There is no cost, effort or stress to you, we organise everything. In most cases you will be the one delivering the dog to their new owner who is waiting eagerly at the airport. Karma points guaranteed!!!
Port Louis - Foodies walk- Indulge in top street food
Are you craving to embark on a sensory journey beyond the tropical beach cliches? Dive into the charming chaos reigning in the streets of the capital ! My brother Bernard and I were born & raised in Port-Louis and I genuinely believe that no other place on the island will give you a clearer insight into the locals’ lives and into our plates! I imagined this tour as my personal ode to Mauritian street food, to celebrate its diversity and intensity. While you will be nibbling your way through the selected snacking spots, you will feel how rich flavors and real talks are indeed at the forefront of our itinerary. Bernard will be the one present with you throughout this premium immersion experience. He will make use of his professional guide background to offer you food for the soul too: elaborating about the history of Mauritius and sharing some atypical stories. - Contact us to inquire for a date other than those listed. Saturday afternoons and Sundays are not possible. - We can cater VEG & HALAL. Please inform us beforehand. - This is a walking-only tour. We will meet at the Central post office of Port-Louis & start from there. You can leave your car at the Granary parking. Towards the end of the experience, there is the option of taking a little bus ride to get back closer to the parking, for those who prefer.
Randonnées Le Morne Brabant/ Hike
Coin de paradis à plus de 550m d'altitude, le Morne Brabant est une imposante montagne située au sud-ouest de l'île Maurice. Étonnant de par son aridité extrême lors de la saison sèche, l'on profite de sa hauteur pour faire des randonnées à flanc de montagne et découvrir des panoramas à couper le souffle. Mais plus qu'une simple destination de trek, le Morne Brabant est aussi réputé pour ses très belle plage. LE PARADIS DES RANDONNEURS C'est l'un des sommets les plus spectaculaires de l'île, et pourtant, encore peu de voyageurs décident de faire de la randonnée sur le Morne Brabant. Classée au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, la montagne offre des flancs extrêmement abrupts et difficiles d'accès. Et pourtant, son ascension demeure possible et permet d'accéder à une vue exceptionnelle sur les paysages alentours : les filaos, les banians et les badamiers entourés d'un sable d'une blancheur éclatante... Autres remarques annulation en cas de forte pluie , pour la securité de nos randonneurs
The Seven Cascades Adventure
Our guided trek into the wild and lush greenery of the Tamarind Falls is an adventurous, top-rated option for enjoying the falls. The name itself says "7 Cascades" but you will actually discover up to 13 falls! Tamarind Falls plunge through a dramatic, intensely green canyon sheltered by mature woods and clothed in moss and ferns. Unlike the common way to explore the 7 Cascades, the trek begins off the beaten track where you will be heading to the bottom of all the connected waterfalls. As from there you will be walking into the wild forests filled with exotic plants and birds. This activity includes both walking in the woods, near the water, multiple river crossing and few rock scrambling areas which can be tackled by both beginner and expert trekkers. Enough time will be available to relax and enjoy the astonishing views of the waterfalls. Jumping from one plateau to another is prohibited. Participants must have a good level of fitness and not having any fear of heights. The terrain is, most of the time, slippery and muddy. **Possible starting times for this trip are: 8:30 and 9:30. A shorter version (3-Hour) of this trip is also available on demand, which consists of exploring the last 3 platforms.
Les Septs Cascades - Tamarinds Falls
Les 7 cascades, également appelées les cascades de Tamarin, représentent une excursion vraiment mythique à l’Ile Maurice et il est vrai que le lieu est totalement incontournable. C’est une randonnée qui présente un niveau de difficulté modéré, plutôt simple, mais sa durée et le fait que ce soit glissant par endroit, demande tout de même un minimum d’efforts. C’est une randonnée qui se déroule la plus part du temps à l’ombre, toutefois les bassins aux pieds des cascades sont au soleil, prévoyez donc de la crème solaire si vous avez l’intention de vous baigner. L’anti-moustique sera par contre un compagnon agréable quand vous progresserez dans les zones boisées et humides. Autres remarques Annulation en cas de forte pluies ou cyclones Non accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite Déconseillé aux femmes enceintes Aucun problème cardiaque ou autre problème médical sérieux Ce circuit/cette activité est privé(e). Seul votre groupe participera.
This tour offers you to discover and explore the beautiful south west of Mauritius Transport will be offered, pick up is included for this trip. I will come to pick you at your location. The starting point is at Floréal, where you will visit the ship models factory. Volcano Trou aux Cerfs – Mauritius famous crater. From Floreal heading to Curepipe, you will stop on the way to visit the Trou aux Cerfs (a huge natural volcanic crater). Grand Bassin -Hindu Temple Alexandra falls - As part of this tour you will also drive through the Black River Gorges Nature Park, where you will see many endangered species of plants and animals and viewpoint. Visit of Chamarel Waterfall and Chamarel seven (7) colored earth. The village of Chamarel in southwest Mauritius is home to two natural wonders - the magnificent Chamarel waterfall and the seven colored earth of Chamarel. The seven colored earth is one of the wonders of Mauritius and is considered one of the must places to see. Other things to note *Very important* *send me a message before booking. This tour is private exclusive , send me a message about your exact location. Thank you
Explore the Wild South
Explore Mauritius' most amazing natural wonders; rugged coastline, endless waves, hidden waterfalls, natural pools, amazing geological rock formations, and soothing filao forests. This part of the island is not surrounded by coral reefs allowing violent waves to crash on the cliffs. During this hike you will learn about the unique flora, and fauna of the island and the history of the neighborhood. Relax in the natural pool along with a few Melon Butterflyfishes swimming around you and admire the beauty of the south coast while waiting for the waves to crash near the pool. Discover Mamzelle Waterfall (Cascade Mamzelle), a hidden gem in the Wild South. You may opt for a natural massage under Mamzelle Waterfall or simply relax and admire the beauty of the cascade. Your mountaineer will provide you with healthy snacks. The hike continues to "La Roche Qui Pleure". Here you will simply wait and watch the violent waves crashing over the cliffs. Your mountaineer will happily share with you interesting facts and myths of this location. Our journey ends back at Gris Gris beach parking and guests will be able to move to their respective accommodations. **Possible start times are: 8:00, 9:00, and 13:30.
Nager avec les dauphins à l'Île Maurice
Soyez prêts à vivre l'un des moments les plus incroyables de votre vie : nager aux cotés des dauphins dans leur milieu naturel, dans le plus grand respect de ces mammifères ! ... Départ au lever du soleil pour mieux respecter leur rythme et échapper à la foule de gros bateaux : rdv vers 6h, mais ça en vaut définitivement la peine, faites nous confiance! Petit-déjeuner maison & boissons à bord pour parfaire ce moment unique, il y aura toujours 1 plongeur dans l’eau avec vous pour vous rassurer et vous guider avec les dauphins pour vivre ce moment à 300% ! Et le bateau sera privatisé rien que pour vous (pas d'autres touristes à bord)... ;) Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être nageur professionnel, mais savoir nager est nécessaire pour vous glisser dans l'eau (masques et tubas sont fournis) ;) Les personnes moins à l'aise dans l'eau et les jeunes enfants peuvent toujours profiter du spectacle depuis le bateau ! Airbnb ne permettant pas un affichage optimal du prix, n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un message avant de réserver qu'on puisse vous donner le prix le plus juste. /!\ Même si c'est rare car les côtes mauriciennes sont l'habitat naturel des dauphins, il peut arriver de ne pas les voir. Ca reste des animaux sauvages ;) /!\ Et bien sur on vous avertie en cas de météo dévaforable pour reporter votre expérience !
Insta-Worthy Port Louis - Unveil Picture-Perfect Spots
Attention all photography enthusiasts and Insta-lovers! Join us on a captivating Airbnb experience as we embark on a journey through Port Louis, seeking out the city's most picturesque and Insta-worthy locations. Discover hidden gems and iconic landmarks, each offering the perfect backdrop for your Insta-feed. From vibrant street art to historic landmarks, we'll traverse the city to unveil its photogenic secrets. Not a fan of being in front of the camera? No worries! This tour caters to everyone, whether you're a seasoned influencer or simply enjoy capturing beautiful moments. I will ensure you don't miss out on capturing the essence of Port Louis without the need to pose. So grab your camera or smartphone, and get ready to create stunning memories and share them with your followers. Book now to secure your spot on this Insta-worthy adventure, and let's paint your feed with the vibrant colors of Port Louis!
Authentic North East Coast E-bike Tour
Join me for a unique 5 hours E-bicycle Tour of the beautiful North Coast of Mauritius. Electric bicycles are fun to ride and is a unique way to discover the North coast and hidden spots only known by locals. The ebike tour start at my place in Calodyne, where you pick up a bike convenient for you. Departing from Calodyne at 10am to discover the beautiful coastal village of Grand Gaube, our first stop is a Hindu temple away from civilization and located right on the beach. Then I'll show you the mangroves areas in Grand Gaube extremely important for the marine ecosystem. We will cycle in the heart of the village and you'll get the real feel while interacting with locals along the way. You will discover many hidden beaches away from hot tourists spots. We'll stop for a sandwich break and continue our Tour with many stop one of them is the Red Church at Cap Malheureux ,Bain Boeuf. At the last stop you'll get the opportunity to take a dip in the water at a location where you'll have a bay area almost for yourself. The Tour ends at my house in Calodyne at 2pm. I can also arrange pickup and drop off from your hotel for an additional reasonable fee. See you soon
Cultural Delights & Heritage Treasures in the City
Step back in time and uncover the rich cultural tapestry of Mauritius with our captivating Airbnb experience. This journey will take you on a historical and cultural odyssey, immersing you in the traditions and heritage that make this island so unique. We'll start the day by exploring the fascinating history of Mauritius as we visit ancient temples, colonial-era buildings, and museums. Our passionate guides will share captivating stories about the island's past, giving you a deep insight into its diverse roots. Next, we'll visit bustling local markets, where you can interact with friendly vendors and taste the vibrant flavors of Mauritian street food. From aromatic curries to dholl puri, your taste buds are in for a treat! This cultural immersion will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the island's people, traditions, and history. Embrace the magic of Mauritius and book this one-of-a-kind experience today!
Découvrez l'Île aux Cerfs & les Îles de l'Est
Découvrez la partie encore sauvage et non-touristique de l'Île aux Cerfs, ainsi que les différentes îles du plus grand lagon de Maurice et ses plus beaux spots de snorkelling ! À bord d'un bateau privé pour un programme sur mesure et loin de la foule, votre skipper vous emmènera découvrir les îles du Sud-Est, encore sauvages et préservées. Vous aurez l'occasion de visiter l'Île au Phare, la Cascade Grande Rivière Sud-Est et de très jolis spots de snorkelling dans une eau turquoise... Avec un peu de chance, les dauphins vous feront le plaisir de vous accompagner, avant d'arriver sur la fameuse Île aux Cerfs où un barbecue sur la plage vous attend ;) Pour finir la journée en beauté, vous dégusterez un rhum maison, les pieds dans l'eau cristalline de l'Ile aux Aigrettes ! Il n'y aura que vous à bord (et votre skipper bien sûr !), pas d'autres touristes à bord. Airbnb ne permet pas une configuration optimale des prix qui est dégressif en fonction du nombre de voyageurs, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer une demande d'information pour un prix plus juste !
Notre périple chaque vendredi commencera à 18h au roof top à Pereybere, pour l'apéritif avec une vue imprenable. A 19h nous nous rendrons dans un bar secret avec vue sur l'ocean, puis direction dans un des pubs les plus branchés de Grand Baie, avec live band, et nous finirons en discothèque pour les plus téméraires! Other things to note Soyez prêts à passer une super soirée, dans une ambiance décontractée et conviviale! Experience pour minimum 3 personnes
Taste Sea Urchins fresh from the Ocean
Let you taste buds lead you to our charming village, home of a sea farm rearing oysters and sea urchins. We will welcome you to our villa in Bras D’eau Nature Park and drive to the coast where we buy our fresh sea urchins. Sea urchin is an extremely delicate ingredient that takes great care. The natural sweetness and creaminess are best served as they come – raw. It does not benefit from being cooked as it easily disintegrates and loses its sweetness. We love it raw and can't wait to have your feedback on it taste if it's your first time trying them. The tasting includes 4 Sea Urchins per person. Afterwards, we will visit a beautiful and unique temple in the village. The blue lagoon and thick mangroves surrounding the temple gives it a rather mystical appearance which has attracted countless locals for worship and tourists who come to awe at the beautiful Hindu architecture. *If you would like to book this experience on other dates that are not listed, please get in touch with us and if we have any availability, we will be more than happy to accommodate your booking. See you soon in Mauritius Much Love, Jaya & Avi