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Kayaking in Backwaters
You will start kayaking immediately after we brief you with short safety and kayaking tips. We will be kayaking around 4km around an island and take a pitstop at a secluded beach. We will spend 20 minutes on the beach and head back at the starting point. The entire trip will take around 2-3. Be prepared to be active, sweat and hydrated.
Sea kayaking through Arabian Sea to Mattu island
Join me for a sea kayaking expedition to an island. Expedition includes warmup,briefing, dolphin spoting,fishing,deep sea swimming,snorkeling,relaxing on island,returning back and bodyboarding on the shore
Old Hyderabad Food Walk
In an evening walking tour lasting 3 hours, we will visit some of the best eateries serving Hyderabadi food and sample some delights and delicacies. From the local take on the famous paya to melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, from three types of chai to the famous Osmania biscuit – we will try out ten different dishes on the walk. Highlights - Paya Masala: The quintessential Hyderabadi breakfast is incomplete without a trencher of paya soaked up with the square Hyderabadi naan. This dish transforms the watery naan into a thicker masala and is eaten with a regular roti. You have to try it to believe it! - Bheja fry: The brain fry is a typical Hyderabadi accompaniment, and has tons of flavor Kebabs: We try out and face off three varieties of kebabs against each other – which will be the winner. Is it one or the other? (Hint: It’s usually all three!) - Chai: Chai is the essential drink of India. In Hyderabad, we have our own special – it’s called Irani chai. Thick, sweet and served in tiny cups, it has driven millions of arguments and friendly conversations over the years. We try out a couple more types of chai and let you decide which you prefer. Other things to note Carry little luggage with you - you will be using both hands to eat and sometimes we will be eating street-side. We will provide you with bottled water and tissues to clean your hands.
Kayak the Mangroves at Zone fifty one Malpe
We will arrive at the base camp ZONE 51 MALPE & change to clothes appropriate for the waters. On the backwaters we will teach you how to get into the kayak & the movement of the paddling & things to do & not to do in the kayak. As you enter and maneuver the kayak, we will wear the life jacket and go away immediately with your single or double kayak. Our mission is to make you fall in love with nature and we will let you retrace all the points that have surprised us, but we will immerse you in it and show you all of its beauty in one fell swoop like in a lightning strike. We will see the nature which is not explored very closely. After exploring the backwaters we will land our kayaks in the sand banks of the backwater & try to dig clams which is an occupation of local fisherman during the seasonal time. We will return to our base & freshen up & have snacks & watch the sun settle for the day…!!!
Bestt kept secret of Bangalore with Dinesh
Join me as I take you on a journey of lifetime; filled with life, laughter, WoWs and more. From Exploring- The best food around hidden delicacies of Malleshwaram, Places around Bangalore that are not much known to travellers and witness Bangalore in no better way than this tailor made curation. So why wait? Take a backseat and witness Bangalore's serene Beauty, we've covered it all. We have well-tried and tested plans that is as smooth as our masala dosa. 5% off for couples. 15% off for defence personnels. 25% off for people with disability.
Street Food Tour and Visit to the local Market in Bangalore
1. Pick up at Vijayanagar Metro station. 2. Exploring the food streets of Vijayanagar for pure vegetarian chats, main course and local desserts along with exotic beverages. This takes a lot of time and i bet 200 bucks you would love this!!! 3. Intensive Shopping at local street market. Make sure you have space in your bags for goods. Exotic fruits, sweets, confectionery, chocolate, spices, talismans and souvenirs. 4. Coffee at Indraprastha restaurant. 5. Dropping back to Vijayanagar Metro station. Other things to note Don't bring too much luggage be free to move and have space for shopping in your bags. (Royal treatment if you bring me Duty free Liquor from the airport, for which i am going to pay of course
Monsoon Trek in Goa
During the monsoon season, the Western Ghats are alive with beautiful waterfalls, tall forest canopies that hide the sky, and carpets of lush green velvet grass. You will join me on this expedition as we go through one of Goa's most breathtaking trail located deep within the Forest. We'll leave early in the morning for the village located far to the east of Goa, where you will be greeted with a delicious warm traditional breakfast. Once we have sufficiently refueled ourselves for the journey, we start trekking. The distance should be covered in between 45 and 1 hour, and the trail is very moderate. We will wade through streams trickling down the mountain side onto the trail. The tall foggy canopy of the forest is going to leave you mesmerized by its sheer beauty. Once we reach the end of our trail, we will stick around to explore a few natural and man made marvels till our heart's content. We begin the trek back to the village to arrive on schedule for our Authentic Goan Lunch. The Meals served at the village are totally Organic and are cooked on firewood. You will feel a deep sensation of relaxation that will improve your mind, body, and soul right away.
Areca Farm Walk - Must Visit Tourist Place near Honnavar
Areca County Farm is a charming and picturesque tourist attraction located near Honnavar in Karnataka, India. Nestled amidst lush greenery and scenic beauty, this farm offers visitors a unique and immersive experience. With a focus on promoting sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism, Areca County Farm provides you an opportunity to walk around wast 6 acres of areca plantation and explore the flaura/fauna. Embark on a nature walk through the farm's verdant trails, immersing yourself in the serene and tranquil ambiance. There are boards for directions & some plant names. You can also observe a variety of birds and butterflies sometimes. You can also visit a heritage home built in 1929 and take a lot of photos :) Note: * Ample outdoor parking space is available. * Free RO purified water refills is available. * Clean toilets are available * Tea/Coffee is available for extra cost * Bottled water & ice-cream is available at MRP * Advanced booking is mandatory
Kombucha Guided Tasting at India's first Kombucha Taproom
Kombucha Guided Tasting - Sample on-tap flavours at India's first kombucha taproom in Bangalore. We will be taking you through the introduction of kombucha, different brewing styles, teas and flavourings like botanicals, spices and fruits. Mountain Bee Kombucha taproom is an extension of our existing brewery where we make all of our raw and bold kombucha flavours. You get to experience kombucha, ask questions and learn first-hand about this beautiful fermented beverage.
Flower fruit drops in garden & solution
Agenda: At the end of the session, you will be able 1. Nutrients required for plants.. list of nutrients required for plant - Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Iron, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, micronutrients (Magnesium, Boron, Molybdenum, Manganese, Sulphur, Sodium) and high-level view of their role in plant 2. Know macronutrients 3. Know the micronutrients 4. appreciate the fact that different plants require different nutrients, of different quantity at different growth phases 5. appreciate the nutrients available in nature (based on garden environment) - most often -Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen 6. appreciate the nutrient required for flowering stage and holding on flower 7. understand the factors required for the flower to develop completely 8. understand few common problems in flowering and how to rectify/correct it 9. understand the factors required for the flower to convert to fruit (in fruiting trees ) and to develop completely 10. understand a few common problems in fruiting/fruit development and how to rectify/correct it Schedule: 1. Explanation and demo 45 minutes 2. Break 15 minutes 3. Recap & Question and answers 30 minutes The workshop activity will happen in our home garden in babusapalya, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. Virtual Tour of our home garden is in below youtube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXrBG3Px_wW8r7XSIjXonA/about?view_as=subscribe
Fivefarms Coffee- From farm to cup
Coffee, a yearly harvest, cannot be fully experienced within a span of three hours. So our tour will commence by presenting you with visuals depicting the entire life cycle. Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to don the hat of a farmer (literally) and explore the estate. Depending on the season of your visit, you may also assist with various daily tasks, such as transplanting young plants, identifying fragrant coffee blossoms, or harvesting ripe red berries. If luck is on your side, you may even catch a glimpse of some four-legged wildlife. Upon returning from the estate, you will witness the complete roasting process. If time permits, we will even roast two personalized batches for you to take home. Conclude your tour with a traditional vegetarian lunch at our homestead, accompanied by a fresh cup of South Indian filter 'Kaapi' or a French press brewed by yourself. This is the epitome of freshness! Please keep in mind: During the rainy season, there is a possibility of encountering leeches. Rest assured, our tour guide will be equipped with appropriate medical measures. The plantation is frequently visited by wild animals, so it is advisable to stay close to the tour guide.
Farm to cup coffee experience tour
It’s one of a kind farm to cup coffee tour in the history of chikmagalur, where people indulge themselves with coffee and learn the art of making it They will also get an opportunity to learn about the coffee growing, processing, manufacturing and brewing It is a hand’s on origin tour where the people get an opportunity to do roasting, cupping and tasting themselves (with the help of host) This tour has two different packages
Gardening Basics- ABC's of edible garden
Agenda: At the end of the session, you will be able 1. Appreciate the benefits of integrated gardens and the role of each and every element including insects/bees/pests 2. Understand different types of growing media/potting mix 3. Appreciate that each plant requires different potting mixes, containers and a unique micro-environment 4. List of nutrients required for plant and their role in plant growth (high-level) 5. Nutrients required for plants.. list of nutrients required for plant - Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Iron, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, micronutrients (Magnesium, Boron, Molybdenum, Manganese, Sulphur, Sodium) and high-level view of their role in plant 6. Know macronutrients & micronutrients 7. Appreciate the fact that different plants require different nutrients, of different quantity at different growth phases 8. Appreciate the nutrients available in nature (based on garden environment) - most often -Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen 9. Appreciate the nutrient required for during growth phase of the plant 10. Understand the factors required for the flower to develop completely 11. appreciate the nutrient required for during flowering stage and holding on flower 12. understand the factors required for the flower to develop completely 13. understand a few common problems in flowering and how to rectify/correct it 14. understand the factors required for fruiting
Biodiversity walks at Lal Bagh
*If you wish to experience a walk for a time/date on weekdays or weekends that is not on the schedule, feel free to message me* I invite you to a soulful early morning experience at Lal Bagh where we will try to connect with one of the slowest and most resilient beings on the planet, trees. The 2 hour long walk is a medium to help people understand how trees communicate, feel, think and grow. Hopefully, by the end of the experience people will go back with a different perspective on the natural ecosystem. Hi, I’m Saksham, I work as a Designer during the weekdays and spend my evenings/weekends trying to understand our roots in the natural world and the urban boundaries we have drawn. The walk will start from the West Gate at Lal Bagh, and cover the giant buttressed silk cotton trees, the sacred figs of the subcontinent, the ever thirsty Gum trees, the ornamental Latin American avenue trees of Bangalore and how, at large, the ecosystem moves. We will attempt to understand the form, color and structure of trees as we walk along and breathe some silence here and there. I look forward to a refreshing morning with you and hopefully we will learn something from each other.
Nandi Hills - One day trip
Nandi hills itinerary: We will start from Bangalore on Saturday/Sunday at 03:00AM and reach nandi hills by 05:30AM (60 kms approx). Start from parking around 5:30 AM towards the sunrise view point. (We will go via bus to the top) Stay there for approx 3-4 hours, enjoy the weather and serene beauty of nandi hills and visit Nandi temple, Tipu Sultan Lodge, view points, etc. Points of attraction - Nandi hills sunrise view point - Nandi - Beautiful trek around nandi hills At around 8AM, we will start trekking towards the base of Nandi hills. We will leave Nandi hills by 9:30 AM and leave for Bangalore(Breakfast on the way) so you can reach back to bangalore by 1 or 2 PM. We have multiple pickups in Bangalore: - Silk board bus stand : 3AM - Bellanduru bus stop : 3:10 AM - Marathahalli - kalamandir : 3:20AM - Tin factory bus stop : 3:30AM - Hebbal esteem mall stop : 3:45 AM