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Borodyanka, Bucha, Irpin, Banksy & more graffiti tour
War is terrible, but somehow it often inspires creativity – at least in Ukraine that’s always been a land of creators. Banksy started supporting Ukraine since the very beginning of full scale rzzn aggression, and he came here after liberation of Kyiv region from the #russianfastists to leave his marks at some of the most memorable places of the war. Welcome to my tour to see some of his works outside of Kyiv – and also see some of the places there were in the news. Yes, you’ll see ruins and places of terrible tragedies. But we will concentrate on art and creativity, giving hope for better future. In addition to Banksy works, we’ll also see graffities of Italian creator TVBOY and also of some local authors. I’ll pick you up in your location and bring you back in the end. The tour will give you a great impression of the latest events in Ukraine plus lots of photos and videos. Don't forget to charge your camera!
Kyiv Underground Urbex Tour
Experience Kyiv Urbex Tour you will explore two objects: drain tunnel system or underground river and nuclear bunker During exploration of the hidden side of Kyiv with experienced guide you will go throw the tunnel system under streets and visit one of the forgotten cold war nuclear bunkers - Direct experience from Urbexer by Heart - Discover part of 53 km tunnel Labyrinth - Explore forgotten Cold War Era artefacts Are you ready for city adventures? This tour takes approximately 3 hours of your lifetime in active adventure. Other things to note The experience is NOT RECOMMENDED: - people suffering from claustrophobia - people who can not get into the usual manhole - people suffering from low back pain or back problems - people have excess weight or heart disease - people wha have more than 46 (EUR) feet size
Explore Hidden Backyards of Kyiv
Most interesting places in Kyiv are usually hidden from the eye of passer-by. Or you should simply turn your head up in the right place. Dive into secret backyards of Kyiv, learn why janitors were playing an important role in the life of the city, eat Ukrainian pies in the most delicious (and not known by everybody) bakery, explore the beautiful well preserved architecture which is bordering the abandoned buildings. See the ruins of Kyiv behind the golden domes of the city. Enjoy the beauty of street art, turning grey walls into masterpiece. Discover secret and speak easy bars in Kyiv, hidden between old garages or buildings that are falling apart. See what is the life like behind Kyiv 5 star hotels. Find out beautiful ruination in Kyiv – the city of contrasts. Other things to note Food, drinks and transportation, entrance tickets (in case you decide to visit a paid spot) are not included. No cancellations because of a rain - we bring umbrellas;) Make sure not to come hungry;
Photo shoot & excursion in Kiev
You will get photos for yourself with you in the city landscapes with nicely looking backgrounds in hidden yards or in front of famous places in Kiev. I take into account your personal desires to create more interesting photos and city experience and I offer my photographer`s vision. You get all color-edited Photos downloadable in high resolution and 10 photos in retouch. I will contact you the day before the photo walk and you will be informed where we meet. How to understand that you meet me? - I will be in contact with you all the time before meeting. If you have some more ideas, please inform me beforehand.
Awful Kyiv: dare to see the beauty
They say, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. But some places are really awful. Want to see alternative Kyiv? You’re in the right place! Awful constructions, old artificial caves (that witnessed one of the worst crimes of Jewish community in XX century), abandoned (and working) factories (not getting inside), scratched buildings, left cemeteries, the pioneers of illegal real estate business in Kyiv and hills with strange stories. See where the only wooden church in Kyiv and the only mosque in Kyiv are located, visit the church that will remind you of Chernobyl, and learn the stories about these places. See the oldest market in Kyiv and learn about its history, nowadays and future. Learn more about urban decay and urban projects in Kyiv and massive construction. Discover the area full of authentic bars and cafes, where locals like to hang out. Make your way through strange garages to get amazing views on Kyiv. Discover one of the most controversial and offbeat yet local districts of Kyiv – only for true explorers. Other things to note: ⚡️The 3-3,5 hrs walk includes some hills. Dress in a comfy clothing and take comfortable sporting shoes. ⚡️We do not enter the abandoned factories and decayed building for the security reasons but we explore it from outside.
Portrait that change life, therapeutic photo shoot
We will create magic with professional photo camera and studio light in interior photo studio. Photo shoot in the studio is available for you in case you want to get creative portraits and learn to feel yourself in the moment. We will practice some psychological practices for better effect and for your relax and comfort in front of the camera. You will get emotional portraits and knowledge how to live your emotions correctly. P.S. If you want to have photo shoot master class (describing what I do and why as a photographer) during photo shooting, you need to tell that before photo shooting.
Bike tour along the sea coast of Odessa©
Велосипед научил Эрнеста Хемингуэя путешествовать, подарил Лэнсу Армстронгу ощущение счастья и открыл всепрощение для Аль Пачино. Предлагаю вам открыть собственные неповторимые впечатления и познакомиться с уникальными местами на морском побережье в Одессе, которые зачастую спрятаны от путешественников. Я постараюсь чтобы у вас было чувство как будто вы отправились на прогулку в компании новых друзей. Вы готовы к открытиям? Тогда все что необходимо у нас есть. И я с удовольствием поделюсь с вами страстью к здоровому образу жизни, велосипедным прогулкам и свежему морскому воздуху. Остановившись по пути, я поделюсь некоторыми интересными рассказами. Пешеходная и велосипедная Трасса Здоровья протянулась вдоль морского побережья Одессы . Ее расстояние более 20 км. Мы же с вами увидим самые интересные участки морского побережья и Трассы Здоровья от набережной Немо и Ланжерона до внешней границы Аркадии. Расстояние нашей поездки около 7 км. Старт в самом центре Одессы - Александровский проспект на пересечении с улицей Бунина. Далее через парк Шевченко и спустимся к морю на набережную Немо где и начинается Трасса Здоровья. Вернемся в центр города. Время поездки около 3-4 х часов. We speak English.
Awesome Kyiv PhotoTour
We'll combine exploring the hidden gems of Kyiv while I'll be taking memorable photos of your trip. You'll see Kyiv's traditional and alternative sides together with the most picturesque places of the city. You will get casual photos for your trip as well as portrait photos, and, in a couple of days you will get up to 20 edited photos of you. The tour is designed only for individual bookings.
Full Walking Kiev City Tour Discover Amazing Kiev How Is It
If you'd like to have a really full walking tour around Kyiv city center, so don't hesitate to contact me for it! We will go together on such an interesting tour, the aim of which is to give you the most general and, at the same time, the most complete picture of Kyiv City! You will visit the most remarkable historical monuments of the past, ancient and stunning cathedrals and churches, popular, spectacular squares and charming, tiny streets as well as some unknown hidden places. I will take you to the most vibrant street Khreschatyk and the bright Independence Square that never sleeps, to the restored St.Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral and to the steep slopes of St.Volodymyr's Hill, to Kyiv's cable train - the Funicular which is in function all the year round. We will see and learn much about the famous St. Andrew's Descent (so called the Montmartre of Kyiv), St. Sophia's Cathedral, the Golden Gate of Kyiv, Kyiv's National Opera House, the area of T.Schevchenko National University and many other attractions. To admire the beauty of Kyiv and its breathtaking views to the Dnieper river, we will go to the best open platforms. You will be impressed and surprised, thrilled and encouraged by this tour! Come to see my native city, I have so many stories to tell you about! SEE YOU IN KYIV!!!
Город в лучах солнца и ночных огнях
Feel free to ask me to add or change time of the tour. I'm sure we will find the best option for you. We will meet at Independence Square (Maidan Nezaleznosti) , will go to the roof of shopping center "The Globe" (Globus) to see view, walk along Khreschatyk, "glass bridge, then will go to Sophiivska square. Places we visit: 1) Independence Square 2) Globus roof 3) Khreschatyk 4) Arch of friendship 5) "Glass" bridge 6) Mykhailivska square 7) St. Andrew's chuch * possible wine tasting in local wine bar I will show you the most beautiful and interesting places at night, I will tell you some stories about my city. After the walking tour possible taste traditional Ukrainian food in restaurant. The duration of walk will depend from weather conditions and your wishes. And we always can choose the best time for you.
Trip to Chernobyl Zone
Dear friends, i do not provide any trips at the moment because of russian invasion. Just collect donations for the refugees and ukrainan army. You are welcome to donate. Thank you and God bless you for your help
Jewish heritage tour in Kiev
Welcome to the Jewish heritage tour. History of my home city – Kyiv – is deeply connected with the Jews and during my tour I will share the story of this brave and unique nation. We will speak about the prominent Kiev Jews, so called “sugar kings” (like Brodski family) and their input in the city history; You will find out how Golda Meir - the Prime Minister of Israel - is connected with Kiev and why Babi Yar is worldknown as the place of Jewish tragedy. During the tour we will laugh at Jewish ingenuity, we will be nearly crying because of the bloddy events of 1941, we will be surprised at courage, of thosee who risked the lives of their families, hid Jews during Nazism occupation. What is 100% - We won't be be bored! Secret courtyards, mystical stories and only the most interesting facts...all these and more just on my tours! Waiting to seeing you in Kiev!
Вкус Одессы - Лучший Гастротур
Это НЕ СТАНДАРТНЫЙ ТУР, это возможность провести время весело, интересно и вкусно! ВАЖНО: В отличие от большинства подобных программ в разных городах, В стоимость моего тура уже включена еда и напитки, чаевые официантам, экскурсионное обслуживание. Никаких скрытых расходов. Мы посетим с Вами два-три стильных заведения в центре города, которые любят местные жители, но туристу найти их не так легко. Небольшие прогулки между ресторанами будут отдыхом от дегустаций, а заодно и неутомительной экскурсией. Прогулки по вкусной Одессе - главное внимание только местной, локальной кухне и традициям. Будем изучать, обсуждать и пробовать "Одесскую кухню": мидии, рыбку-тюлечку, знаменитый форшмак и баклажанную икру, мамалыгу и плацинды; а запивать локальным вином и квасом. Эта программа уже проверена и отлажена в течении ЧЕТЫРЕХ сезонов и подтверждением тому - положительные отзывы ниже. Будет вкусно, интересно и познавательно. А отличные фото для Вашего инстаграм - гарантированы! Другая важная информация Если Вы не можете найти тур на нужную дату, просто сделайте мне запрос, с указанием даты и желаемого времени. P.S. suitable for vegetarian !
The Art of Wine pairing in Ukraine - local wine tasting
Experience the testing of local wines only. All inclusive! Meeting at the wine bar of Odessa. ADVANTAGES: 1. The tasting includes 5-7 glasses of local wine (depending on the number of participants). 2. Light local snacks will be offered Have you ever heard of Ukrainian wines? -Did you know that the history of Ukrainian wines dates back to 7th century BC? -What is the same in the wine regions of Bordeaux, France and Odessa, Ukraine? -Which of the Ukrainian winemakers helped the wine revolution in the USA? here is a list of what makes the experience a great resource: - View wine history on the map - Explore red and white LOCAL grapes - Discover popular wineries of Ukraine - How do we pair it with food It will be an easy presentation of the history of winemaking in the Black Sea region and Eastern Europe. But the main topic of our meeting is the tasting of local wines. P.S. solo traveller welcome! Join me on this wine tasting!
Photoshoot and juice coffee in Kiev
Мы встретимся в центре города и пойдем смотреть и фотографироваться, куда туристы, как правило, не ходят. Это очень красивые и необычные места, которые завоевывают сердце. Будем пить вкусный кофе и есть легендарный киевский орех. Также мы можем покататься на киевском фуникулере, метро и трамвае. Мы сделаем все, что вдохновляет и оставляет незабываемые впечатления о городе. В конце прогулки, помимо впечатлений, у вас будут классные фотографии, которые будут напоминать вам об этом дне. Другая важная информация Если у тебя есть какие-либо вопросы, спроси меня, и я сразу же отвечу! Если хочешь фотографироваться где-нибудь еще, дай мне знать.