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Seven Secrets´ Tour, explore eat & drink
Are you ready for the adventure? Starting at Central Market, where we will try a typical snack, we are going to conquer one of the most beautiful castles in Spain in front of the sea which has more than 1000 years of history. We will descend to the historic center enjoying the most important monuments and discovering the seven secrets. Let us surprise you with the beauty of my hometown and with countless anecdotes, history, legends and intrigue. Finally we will visit a terrace in a bar run by my childhood friend, located in a historic location, and you will be able to taste my favourite typical snacks as well as a typical Spanish drink! WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 bottle of water, typical snack at Central Market , shuttle bus transfer to the top of the castle (5 min trip), guided tour and free entrances to all the monuments/museums that we are going to visit, and special snack and one drink (alcoholic or not) at one of the best locations in Alicante. Other things to note We will walk approximately 2 kilometers and there are some stairs. Morning bookings, starting until 14:30, we will taste the central market´s snacks inside of the market. Afternoon bookings, the snacks will be offered at the spots outside of the market, because inside only opens morning time.
Alicante’s secret flavors food tour
Come with us and try the best snacks and food from Alicante! A real local experience. Our proposal is having a gastronomic experience trying many typical products from our region, including fruits and vegetables brought directly from the orchard, meat from local farms, Mediterranean fish, as well as tasting cheeses and handmade sweets, all accompanied by typical drinks, both with alcohol and without alcohol. You will discover delicious aromas and flavors! We will meet at the central market and visit different food places, which some of them have more than 100 years old. You can get to know the most experienced sellers and talk about the history of each product and the tradition behind each of them. Meanwhile, you will discover the interesting history of the central market and its hidden places. On tours starting at 18:00 the indoor market is shut so we will visit the stalls outside, and some tapas bars. Booking this experience supports the small businesses, the local producers and the artisans that are still doing their work as it used to be done before. Other things to note -If you have some kind of allergy, intolerance, or you prefer vegetarian options, let us know in advance so we can have everything prepared for you. We´re so sorry, but vegan options are not available.
Vinyasa Yoga en la playa
Se imparten, clases en la playa de el Postiguet de Alicante, de vinyasa yoga, en diferente horarios. Trabajaremos el cuerpo y la mente a través de las secuencias de asanas y pranayamas. La.clase al aire libre, con el sonido del mar y las vistas lo conviernte en una experiencia muy bonita. Destacaría las clases al amanecer.
Disfruta del vuelo en parapente Tándem en Alicante
Volar PARAPENTE Biplaza/Tandem Hola, amigos y amigas! En Alicante durante todo el año estamos en la temporada favorable y mágica para realizar los vuelos en parapente biplaza. Si está listo DESPEGAMOS! Volará con un Instructor de competición (Certificado, asegurado y con más de 28 años de experiencia) “sólo tiene que sentarse en su arnés y disfrutar de las vistas”. En Airbnb somos nuevos, pero también somos los primeros y los mejores. Ven y vuela tu experiencia con nosotros! ¿Cómo puede reservar? -> Aquí mismo -> vía WhatsApp / 671706306 -> en nuestra web: www.proridertour.com/tandem_paragliding_en *También ofrecemos Parapente Biplaza/Tándem en algunas espectaculares montañas Alicantinas, Santa Pola (sobre el mar), y en Valencia (interior), Pireneos! *Si no tiene el coche se hacen recogidas! ( pregúntanos cómo ) Para más información no dude en contactarnos. Gracias. Team Proridertour.
Canelobre caves
*MINIMUM OF 2 PEOPLE necessary to confirm a booking The Canelobre caves are at an altitude of 700m and are in an ideal location to enjoy some of the best panoramic mountain and sea views. We will spend 45 minutes inside the cave that has one of the highest caverns in all Spain. We will observe the various natural forms and shapes that the rocks have taken, and our guide will inform us of many interesting facts while we are inside the cave. After visiting the cave we will visit the small charming town of Busot. Note: A minimum of 2 persons is necessary in order to confirm a reservation. If you don't see availability for your preferred date please send me a message and I can see if i can make any adjustments to schedule you.
Disfruta de una sesión de yoga frente al mar y las montañas
Disfrutarás de una práctica completa de Yoga al aire libre en Playa de San Juan Alicante en Avda de Niza s/n frente a la Oficina de Turismo Código Postal 03540. Frente a ti, el mar y las montañas alicantinas , todo un espectáculo de fondo mientras realizas tu sesión de yoga de entre 75 - 90 minutos con nosotros en la que practicarás posturas, respiración y meditación guiadas. No es necesario haber practicado yoga con anterioridad, te guiaré de forma segura ni tampoco es necesario material, te proporcionaré tu esterilla para la práctica. Saldrás de la sesión con tu cuerpo estirado y relajado y tu mente calmada,sosegada. Un estado físico, emocional y mental mejorado para que sigas disfrutando de nuestra querida ciudad.Allí mismo encontrarás lugares fantásticos para seguir disfrutando del mar y las montañas desayunando o almorzando.
Super fun sup & snorkel
We will understand how to use and have fun paddle boarding in one the most beautiful bay's in Alicante. This beach of Postiguet/El Cabo or Albufereta (depends on the weather conditions)/is unique in the world to start paddle boarding because water is very calm and warm. Plus snorkeling it's amazing around there. This makes our experience one of a kind, get ready to pop and jump so fast you will be flying on our magic boards in very short period of time. 1. Introduction to the paddle boarding, history and culture. 2. The paddle board and safety in the Mediterranean sea. 3. Cruising around the harbor, take nice pictures with the Santa Barbara Castle back ground , chilling around the Postiguet Bay at south beach Alicante`s best. Also snorkel at Albufereta Beach
Tandem Paragliding in Alicante
You'll then get teamed up . I will do a safety briefing with you and a short practice. Soon, you will be away flying paragliding over one of the most spectacular landscapes in Spain. Once up in the air, you will have amazing views through the skies like an eagle surrounded by breathtaking mountain landscapes in a stunning free fly as you have never experienced it before. Usually we fly in the afternoon around 2 pm. We take photos and videos for you as a extra service for 20 euros. We can provide transportation from Alicante extra service 20 euros per person ( this service it's not a regular service please ask if the transportation is available on a specific day)
Vineyard of Alicante winery tour
Join us for an enjoyable afternoon visiting a local vineyard! We will travel to a village in the province of Alicante where the food and wines are well worth the visit! We’ll see the process of wine making, taste some of the region’s most representative wines along with some local products. After there will be a chance to walk around the vineyard and take the last pictures before we return to Alicante. *MINIMUM OF 2 PEOPLE necessary to confirm a booking Note: A minimum of 2 persons is necessary in order to confirm a reservation. If you don't see availability for your preferred date please send me a message and I can see if i can make any adjustments to schedule you.
Super fun surf en Alicante
I can organize surf activities for families, couples, single persons, Corporative team working. Get ready for the action: We surf: I have several kind of surf boards for all levels: beginners, medium learners and advanced surfers. During this summer I strongly recommend surfing at San Juan Beach, Mucha Vista Beach, La Zofra or Cabo de Las Huertas. During summer time we get half a meter waves, let’s say "chest high waves" more less, and they are very fun and clear blue. Water is warm, sand is white and fine, plus the sun is perfect for that surfer tanning you need! The waves we surf in Alicante are great to start surfing, they are easy to catch, and we surf at a beach break which is harmless surfing conditions. Is very important to acknowledge that we absolutely depend on the weather conditions to surf and coordinate this kind of activities. After we surf, we will enjoy some cold beer and some local fruits to get back our energy! Hope to see you surfing soon!!!!!! Other things to note 1.- I guarantee an unique experience of entertainment and fun on top a surf board. 2.-We include insurance, an safety spot canal to surf under controlled risk.
El vino, desde el campo hasta la mesa
Nuestra experiencia masterclass. Para empezar caminaremos hasta uno de nuestros viñedos predilectos. Aqui es donde empieza la magia del vino. Estos viñedos se encuentran en pleno corazón del valle, rodeados de naturaleza hablaremos de la historia de estas tierras, nuestra filosofía, y por su puesto de la uva como materia prima para la elaboración del vino. A continuación volveremos a la bodega, donde recorreremos las instalaciones y aprenderemos los secretos de los enólogos. Charlaremos a cerca de las infinitas posibilidades que ofrece la variedad moscatel, de los tintos de Xaló y sobre los métodos muy especiales de elaboración de la mistela de pasas. Visitaremos la cava donde encontraremos diferentes métodos de envejecimiento, destacando las barricas de roble francés y las ánforas de barro. Antes de finalizar la visita, disfrutaremos de la degustación de nuestros vinos y mistelas, maridados con embutidos de la zona y productos locales. Esperamos que cuando vuelvas, tengais la sensación de haber vivido una de las mejores experiencias enoturísticas de vuestras vidas.
Guadalest and Algar Springs Tour
We travel inland from the coast, viewing the mountainous area along the way that is lined with charming villages. Upon arriving to the spectacular valley of Guadalest we will visit its fortress and observe great views of the Guadalest reservoir. We will then visit Las fuentes del Algar, which is a series of crystal clear small springs and waterfalls. If you are visiting in the summer months, make sure to bring your swim wear as you will be able to swim in the water! This is a must see in Alicante! Note: A minimum of 2 persons is necessary in order to confirm a reservation. If you don't see availability for your preferred date please send me a message and I can see if i can make any adjustments to schedule you.
Pedaleando por lo mejor de Alicante
Juntos, pedaleáremos por algunos lugares de Alicante ,viendo otras caras de la ciudad (no es una excursión con guía turístico) Cruzaremos bonitos parques ( Portal de Elche, Plaza Gabriel Miro) y llegaremos a un jardín secreto para muchos que es el El Palmeral de Alicante, que no es conocido por casi ningún turista ya que se encuentra a las afueras de la ciudad y que no es fácil de acceder con transporte publico.Terminando por un paseo frente al mar donde también descubriremos unos viveros romanos de un yacimiento, de los pocos que se conservan por las costas alicantinas .Sera un ameno paseo en bicicleta por algunas zonas difíciles de llegar andando y algo escondidos que los viajeros no encuentran sin ayuda.La vuelta hacia Alicante será en tram si los participantes están cansados HORARIOS Y DIAS SON FLEXIBLES, Por favor consultar si esta experiencia se puede hacer en otros dias de los propuestos Otros aspectos destacables El recorrido es en su mayoría sin cuestas pero hay algunos desniveles que con ayuda de las marchas se puede superar sin problemas
Atardecer desde lo alto de Alicante
Terminaremos el día visitando la sierra Grossa de Alicante descubriendo los encantos mas cercanos a la ciudad . Desde lo alto podrá ver sobre la cadena rocosa de varios picos y en días claros podremos ver la isla de Tabarca y hasta Sierra gelada en Benidorm Ahí haremos un descanso y esperaremos el atardecer invitándolos a tomar algo bien fresquito Después de admirar ese maravilloso paisaje y tomar fotos comenzaremos a descender a través de un camino que nos llevará de vuelta al punto de partida. HORARIOS Y DIAS SON FLEXIBLES, Por favor consultar si quieres hacer esta experiencia y no ves el dia que tu deseas Otros aspectos destacables Es un paseo muy ameno con subidas pero no muy difíciles de subir salvo un paso de 20 m donde hay que cogerse de una cuerda para estar mas seguro pero que todo el mundo lo puede hacer
Tasting of ten Spanish tapas, wine, cava, & sangria
Tapas or Pinchos !? – How are they different? Cava, sherry, or the popular 'Clara' – what to choose and what snacks? Olives — Gordal, Manzanilla, Arbequinas… ? jamon iberico or jamon serrano – do you need to choose? – We will answer these and many other delicious questions ! Discover Spanish cuisine history, amazing rituals, food traditions & local restaurants. Get ready, get hungry – because at the tasting you will try more than 10 kinds of different tapas and pinсhos -VAMOS A TOMAR ALGO! ("let's have a drink"). — this is how all meetings with friends in Spain start — and our tasting:) Let's start with a tasting of beautiful Spanish cheeses, olives, and jamón with the best selection of wines, cava & sangria We'll show you the nuances of Spain's gastronomy and learn choosing the right wines At the tasting: -Learn why the Spanish don't drink champagne -Taste exclusive cava (aging over 9 months) and of course learn the secret and taste of real sangria! -why the Spanish exaggerated when they call cava- Champagne ; -why brut nature has natural sugar; -what grape varieties are made with famous wines in our region We've been in the restaurant business for many years and have been studying the wines of our region. And now we are ready to share our knowledge. The tasting will be in our restaurant, where we will make everything for you!